Zayo announced the launch of a new sub-cable with next-generation technology on the next Pan-Europe line

LONDON – (Business WireZyo Grul Holdings, a leading provider of fiber-based communication solutions, has announced the launch of a new sub-cable line called “Zeus”. The new high-strength, hybrid, low-loss (LL) cable is parallel to the existing North-North subway line, but connects the UK directly to major European hubs in Los Angeles, the UK and Zandvort, the Netherlands. Zeus represents a significant improvement over a capacity of more than 4,000 terabytes per second (TBBS). Zeus relies on low-latency, low-loss, and high-bandwidth connections for all potential rivals, high-end audiences and large enterprises through critical connectivity and next-generation technology.

“The deployment of the underground line demonstrates our commitment to expand our network in Europe and provide important communications for customers in key global markets,” said Jesser Agard, president of Zio, Europe. This investment supports the growing demand for bandwidth and data and the use of information in many sectors, primarily through the transition to cloud services and rapidly expanding network devices and connections.

The project adheres to world-class engineering and sustainability standards to ensure low emissions. These steps include the selection of a Living Stone DEME team with two-fuel capabilities to install the seawall. In addition to heat recovery to reduce fuel consumption, the product also uses biodegradable fats and oils to reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide emissions.

Zayo will use the latest hexalanin high-density 192 fiber fiber, 100% dual-core compression and ULL fiber technology for the project. In addition to its high capacity, the cable provides a high level of resistance to the road.

According to the International Cable Protection Committee, between 100 and 200 damaged sub-cables are reported each year, with most of the human activity being caused by fishing. To mitigate the effects of this activity, the cable will have a planned depth of two to three meters below the sea floor, increasing improved protection and service delivery.

“Zeus subway line represents not only the new technology in equipment and installations, but also the provision of responsible and sustainable infrastructure,” said Yanik Leboyer, chief operating officer of ZAY Europe.

Zeus’ various sub-system is owned and operated by Zia. It will start in August 2021 and will be open to the public. It is expected to be operational by the end of the first quarter of 2022. Zayo is looking for new sub-lines to build capacity along the Seres south line between England and France.

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