You may be banned from playing Destiny 2 on Steam Deck.

Valve’s latest handheld game PC, the Steam floor It is now being shipped to customers in selected countries. When there are good number titles ready to work on a Linux-based system, playing Fate 2 Your account may be suspended.

Developer Bungie explains on their support website that Destiny 2, an online multiplayer FPS game, is not supported on Steam Deck. The Linux-based operating system uses a proton compatibility layer to run Windows games on the system. Bungie opposes that policy, and will not allow the game to run unless Windows is installed and running.

“Players who try to launch Destiny 2 via SteamOS or Proton via Steam Deck will not be able to log in and return to their game library,” it says.

Bunji also said that anyone trying to evade Destiny 2 will face a ban. As we recently saw with Epic CEO, compatibility issues have nothing to do with the anti-fraud system. Comments by Tim Sweeney. FortNit uses simple anti-fraud software that creates various compatibility issues when trying to run Steam Deck.

Destiny 2, on the other hand, relies on BattlEye to find and control restrictions on hackers in the game. In an interview with The Verge, Valve confirmed that enabling BattlEye support on Steam Deck was as easy as sending an email. It is also worth noting that Destiny 2 has a port that runs on the Linux platform Google Play.

At the beginning of last month. Sony Bungin earned $ 3.6 billionIt will mark its first acquisition for 2022. The company bought 5 developers last year, Blue Point Games and Valkyrie EntertainmentKnown for their outside support work. God of War (2018) And Hello endless.


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