You have never heard of the largest digital media company in the United States

Financial product marketing promises to make a huge profit on online “affiliate” businesses from websites such as the New York Times Wirecutter. While a publisher may be able to get a percentage of the buyer’s purchase when they recommend an entry on Amazon, a consumer is referred to the Chase Visa Saver Reserve Credit Card or the American Express Rose Gold Card with My Ventors for “Grace” for Red Ventures. $ 300 to $ 900 On one card.

The presence of Red Venture executives among journalists working under Elias has not always been a good thing. Journalists, like members of the Middle Ages (Guild Hall Twitter), tend to be more connected to the streets of their profession than to any corporate culture, and some roam the Red Ventures Rah Rah. And song. To make matters worse, some journalists in The Points Guy (which has been used as a general source of information on where Americans are traveling) have complained that the new owners have already broken down the barrier between them. Site service journalism and supporting credit card sales.

“It’s all about making a profit,” says Jett Gender, Red Venture, who left the station more than a year ago. He and other points Guy writers say we are not motivated to publish suspicious stories – in fact, the site occasionally provides critical coverage to Chase and American Express, its main business partners. But Points Guy journalists say they are forced to attend regular business meetings that detail how much the site earns from credit card sales, which some use as a suggestion to put their thumbs up.

Mr Elias said Red Venture had a “non-negotiable line” for editing its sites, and said he had given his mobile phone number to CNET staff and ordered them to call him if they had any business pressure.

I said, “There’s a red line,” and they said, “OK, we’ll see.”

The roots of the Red Ventures market, its investment in technology aimed at selling something and accidentally entrusted to readers, even journalism, have given advice to the common denominator. And the company’s Silicon Valley style is still around. Employees do not get justice in the company, and lunch is not free, subsidy only.

Although there are inspiring slogans printed on the walls of the atrium in happy fonts, the company offers the highest level of happiness. Most of what I heard from executives was, “Everything is written in pencil,” which means that he has become a leader in the field of service journalism, which has completely changed the face of the market. And the executives seem to have accepted the idea that they will sell faith even if they don’t put it in the language of journalism professors.

“Everything we do is brand and trust,” said Courtney Jeff, president of the bank’s financial services division, which includes the bank. “If you lose interest in the product, then you have no business.”

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