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Twitter is introducing a way to adjust the playback speed of videos on stage. The social media platform announced that the company is exploring new video playback options for Android and web applications on Twitter. It is said that some users who are part of the test may see a small gear to change the speed when watching videos. They are being given the option of slowing down or accelerating the video. The feature is slowly being released and should be available to everyone in the near future.

The video playback speed option on Twitter is in trial mode and is currently only available to a few users. Users who have access to playback options will see a small gear to change the video speed. Video content can be up to 0.25x or up to 2x. This feature gives users more flexibility to use video content. The feature is yet to be released for the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad devices.

Twitter is also reportedly developing new Twitter posts feature that allows users to post longer posts. Conversely, according to Jane Manchu Wong, an engineer, the company may allow users to post more than the 280-character limit on the platform. Users can now tweet longer pieces of text using threads, but the new feature allows uninterrupted text in one tweet. Twitter is yet to make an official announcement about Twitter articles.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it was expanding its testing options to reduce users’ responses to global viewers in tweets. The feature was first tested with some iOS users last year. According to Twitter, the alternative to resisting responses is to help users understand the types of responses they find useful in conversations. However, the voice of support is not visible to the public. This is different from forums, including Reddit, where you can see whether the masses like a comment or not.

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