Yahoo Mail will be officially launched in China from February 28th

Yahoo Mail officially launches operations in mainland China tomorrow, February 28th. The company has completed all other projects in the country.


  • Yahoo Mail will no longer work for people in mainland China from February 28.
  • Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are leaving China due to heavy government surveillance.
  • The news could prompt more companies from the world’s most populous countries to migrate.

Yahoo has announced that from November 1, 2021, users will not be able to access Yahoo products and services from mainland China. However, the company still has a small number of services such as mailboxes.

However, in a recent move, Yahoo Mail announced that it will end its service in Mayland, China, on February 28. After February 28, people in Mayland China will no longer be able to receive or send emails using Yahoo Mail.

Following the leadership of other major technology companies, such as Microsoft and Google, Yahoo announced that it would be leaving China in November due to increased surveillance of the data.

As the rules become stronger, the news could lead to more companies emigrating from the world’s population, and businesses in China need to know the rules that companies are expected to follow.

Many Yahoo products and services are currently out of reach of mainland China. Yahoo was once the world’s first portal search website, operating in 24 countries and regions. However, by the end of the 1990s, Google was rapidly gaining ground.

In September 1999, the Chinese Yahoo website was launched and fully acquired by the Alibaba Group in August 2005. Yahoo China Alibaba was a group.

But now Yahoo does not see China as ripe for investment or expansion opportunities. Chinese visitors to Yahoo’s website receive a message stating that their content is not available.

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