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S. Global Wearable Band Market Exports of 40.9 million units increased by 5.6% in the second quarter of 2021 Report Canaryis. The report further states that Apple released the most advanced watches during the quarter in June this year. Xiaomi has a 19.6% share of fitness bandwidth, while Apple has a 19.3% market share.

According to reports, the Mi Band 6 was one of the most popular brands to improve the brand’s performance. Huawei came in third with a market share of 9.2%, following Apple.

According to the report, Apple still holds the top spot in the watch market with 31.1%. Huawei is second with 9%, followed by Garmin with 7.6%. Samsung Galaxy S 4 is gaining traction with its new Wear OS 3 interface, with smart watch shipments rising to 85% per year in the second quarter of 2021. Samsung reported a 7% market share this quarter.

According to Canalis Research Manager Jason Lowe, “Vendors are moving the smartwatch technology to the next generation. We have improved basics such as user experience and battery life to create our own interface to make it stand out. However, health monitoring is one of the most popular uses for smart watches using their own ecosystems to bring new and unique uses. Provides advanced health monitoring capabilities and gives meaning to users. The ability to provide some information and practical health awareness highlights the winners and losers. “

Xiaomi to become Apple’s top-selling wearable band in Q2 2021: Canals-Technology News, First Post

Source Link: Xiaomi to become ‘Top Wearable Band Seller in Q2 2021’: Canals-Technology News, Firstpost

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