Xiaomi patent technology for full screen fingerprint scanner

Chinese smartphone Xiaomi patents new fingerprint technology This allows you to scan your fingerprints wherever you touch the screen.

Over the years, Android fingerprints with fingerprint scanners have become standard, with most major devices coming with a built-in biometric scanner.

Xiaomi is set to launch a new innovation with the recent acquisition of a Chinese technology giant.

With this technology users do not have to try twice to unlock the smartphone. Similarly, it eliminates the need for the user to place a finger under the fingerprint sensor and open it.

The multi-screen fingerprint scanner does not need to be touched and held in a special place to identify fingerprints. Instead, users can tap anywhere on the screen to unlock the phone.

The patent, originally reported by GizmoChina, was launched on January 4 in China’s National Patent Database. The technology works with infrared LED transmitters and receivers, seated between the touch screen and any AMOLED display.

LED transmitters receive fingerprints on a capacitive touch screen, and infrared light receivers capture fingerprint information. After that the data is processed, and if it matches the registry, the device is unlocked.

However, this is not the first time that an all-touch sensor has made news. A.D. In August 2020, Huawei filed a patent application for the same technology, although no further information was received. Even Apple is reportedly playing with some fingerprint sensor ideas for some of the upcoming handsets.

In related news, Xiaomi is expected to announce the Xiaomi 11T Pro in India. The smartphone comes with 120W fast charging. The latest version of the Xiaomi 11T comes with variants such as 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM with 256GB of onboard storage. The Xiaomi 11T Pro, on the other hand, is expected to reach 256GB of storage with 12GB of RAM with the same variants and higher model.

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