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In the first week of September, Wormhole Network Ethereum ↔ Solana Bridge was introduced to the Solana community, and the following week the developers launched a two-way network for blockchain. On Monday, the Wormhole dev team announced the addition of Binance Smart Chain support to the simulation and NFT bridge platform.

Wormhole now connects Solan to Binance Smart Chain

The crypto asset Sol (SOL) has paved the way to the top of the 10,000+ digital assets in terms of market value. Now, year after year, SOL gained 5,987%, but in the last 30 days, SOL has dropped to 18% on October 11th. Def platforms specially developed for Solana Network.

One specific project used by many SOL users is the recently passed Wormhole network $ 200 million Total Value (TVL) According to a recent article in Bitcoin.com News, crossroads bridge technology has grown significantly in recent months.

In addition, TV this week, Dune Analytics reported more than $ 14 billion between several bridges. Wormhole Network allows users to use Ethereum ↔ Solutions at any time and now users can connect to Binance Smart Chain in the same way.

3 Use a chain of cross-chain chains

Data shows that Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a popular defensive blockchain that connects to many other networks. The BSC Aniswap Bridge is a link used to use Christmas chain technology. Because he did the BSC chain last month Ten times The number of transactions in the Ethereum chain was adjusted last month.

The connection to the Wormhole network allows users to access the wider BSC ecosystem, and the project announcement has been sent to Bitcoin.com news details. Applying Wormhole to BSC protocol support allows users to do the following.

  • Avoid double wrapping as tokens can retain their original min.
  • Connect creators and artists on a multi-lane highway to move NFT and packaged assets between participating ecosystems.
  • Allow access to chain management, drainage simulations, and verbal information on all three chains for $ 172B in TV L.

Despite the $ 200 million increase for the Wormhole Network (WN) bridge, $ 4.5 billion is now linked to the $ 4.2 billion Polygon Bridge and Fantum Aniswap Bridge, which holds TV. In fact, bridges from Avalanche, Arbiter, Optimism, and Zinc have larger TVs than WN.

What do you think about the implementation of Binance Smart Chain support for Wormhole Network? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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