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Hoboken, NJ (February 5, 2022) – High Jess Broad The Stevens Institute of Technology Women’s Basketball Team defeated King College 65-58 on Saturday at the Canavan Arena in Mac to overturn a six-point deficit by 16 points and 10 rebounds.

High Ali Moss He had 12 points and a classmate Vanessa Eliot. The Ducks moved 15-3 a year and 9-2 in the conference, 10 more. Stevens have won seven of their last eight games and are currently two points behind King in the table.

Emily Murano and Samantha Rajaza each had 15 points to win five games to lead the Monarchs to 13-7 and MAC Freedom 8-4. The Ducks won three of the four meetings between the programs.

The teams fought from the edge of the box, and the first basket of the game did not come until four minutes later. King went on to score the first 11 points of the tournament, and Stevenson eventually joined the board with a pair of free kicks from the Senior. Amber Porret. The Ducks hold the Monarchs one point in the final 3 37 37 in the opening quarter, cutting their shortfall to five on the Eliot short jump.

Embarrassed by 19.1 points, Broad opened the scoring in the second quarter with a low jump and rejected Morano’s position to get the ball back to Stevens. High Meghan Douglas Hit the jump to attract ducks at the same time as the first year Lucy Alberich Stevens scored five consecutive points to take the lead.

King took the lead in a 9-0 run, but the Ducks closed the quarter with six straight points using a series of fluctuating shots. After a slow start, the Ducks shot about 50% of the floor in the second quarter and finished the game with 35 percent.

They were as strong as the Ducks played in the second quarter, the Ducks were even better in the third. Stevens forced seven monarch transitions by beating King Kings 22-13 in a frame. The Ducks were impressive in the mirror, six offensive answers turning into 10 second-chance points. In contrast, the Kings had only six total rebounds in the frame when Stevens opened the seven-point lead in the quarter.

The Kings finally pulled two points in the fourth inning, but the Ducks went 13-17 off the line to secure the victory.

Broad finished 7: 16 on the field and finished 2-2 on Line 4, becoming the 14th player in program history to finish with 1,000 points and 3 points. Rajza, who started the day with 1,000 points and 17 points in her career, finished with 15 points from 13 points in the second half. The Ducks had just two points in the first half of the Royal High School.

The main point

  • With more than two minutes left in the regulation and the teams tied at 52, Eliot Stevens found a short jump on the right block to put the forward forward.
  • The Ducks missed Morano on the other end and closed the scoring with a free kick.

In numbers

  • Stevens averaged 50-34 yards, including a 17-7 margin on the offensive glass. This is the fourth time ducks have picked up 50 or more repetitions.
  • The Ducks recorded 14 assists in 22 basketballs. Junior Daniel Cornetta He led the way with four assists. Cornet is associated with a maximum of seven repetitions.
  • Douglas bans two bullets. She has built a total of four blocks in her last two games to bring her season to the top 18.
  • Mos 5 is off the line and will remain at 90% for the time being. A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, he ranked fifth in the nation in free throws.
  • Stevens scored 32 points in the playoffs and was 21-14 off the bench.

The unsung hero

  • First year Lucy Alberich He scored 11 points, eight assists and a flash from the bench. Hazlet, a New Jersey native who was particularly successful in the first half, led the team to +11 with five points and four points in the first 20 minutes.

Side by side – head coach Megan Haughey

  • “I thought Vanessa Eliot. He played hard on both sides of the floor. We fought on the defensive with hatred and found our chemistry when we needed it. We knew it was a good team coming to war.


  • The women’s basketball game kicks off on Monday, February 7, in Gethseburg for a bullet-riddled conference.
  • It is believed to be the first meeting between the programs.
  • Live stats and video links are available at StevensDucks.com.

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