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Madison, NJ (February 15, 2022) – First year Lucy Alberich Stevens Dickinson University of Florence Dickenson University-Florem Campus, a technology institute of the Institute of Technology, tied for a 16-point lead in Tuesday’s game against Mac at the Ferguson Entertainment Center.

High Ali Moss 11 points and second added Elissa Nsenkyire Increased by 10 for the Ducks, who moved to the 17-5 and 12-4 conference games of the year. The Ducks have won the Conference # 2 race and will host the quarterfinals at the Canvana Arena on February 23.

Braille Fedo had 14 points for the Devil, who lost 2-18 in the year and 1-14 in the league. FDU-Florham is locked in a conference game and will play on Delaware Valley on February 21, the only place to be known.

Alberich made 6 of 5 out of 11 attempts on the floor, scoring twice in the third inning. Hazlet, a native of New Jersey, also caught three professional-stolen thefts and dropped four repetitions. Her 16-point effort is similar to her performance on November 22 with the Savior.

After the teams met in the first quarter, the Ducks broke the deadlock in the second, beating FDU-Florham 23-9 to take the lead. Eight ducks scored eight goals in the quarterfinals, while Nsenkiyer scored six goals. Stevens shot 50% off the floor and in a 9-0 run the Devils opened a 15-point lead with no more than five minutes left.

High Amber Porret He scored his second chance to open the scoring in the third quarter and junior Daniel Cornetta The ducks followed as they got the first points of the frame. Stevens turned the spectacular defensive line and forced FDU-Florham to shoot 3: 16 on the field. Alberich collaborated with Jr. Kathleen Rothwell Stevens leads the way with more than 20 points to 18 of the Ducks’ 11 points.

For the game, the Ducks beat FDU-Florham by 30% (16-56), the ninth time Stevens had less than 33% of his opponents.

The main point

  • Tamah Jones defeated FDU-Florham 6-6 in six.
  • High Killie Coval Feeding a classmate Jess Broad After 14 seconds long jump.
  • Stevens forced a jump in the paint on the other end of the floor and then fed Broad Coval, pushing the duck head into double images.

In numbers

  • Stevens held a 45-32 margin on the boards. Routwell added six as he led the way with 10 answers. Cassidy Miller won eight to lead FDU-Florham. The six Boulevard Boards have developed a high standard of professionalism.
  • Moss and Porrett each had two offensive rebounds to help the Ducks gain 11-6. Although Stevens had an edge in the attacking glass, FDU-Florham scored a total of seven second-chance points for the Ducks in just four.
  • The wide game has averaged six assists.
  • The ducks had 32-18 peaks in color.
  • Forty out of 70 ducks are from beginners.
  • Cornet finished in three professional blocks.
  • Wide finished with four top steals per game.
  • The three baskets of moose were behind the arch.

The unsung hero

  • second Anika Damera In the last quarter, she tried to drown only one or three on the floor. At the moment, 58% are shooting behind the arch.

Side by side – head coach Megan Haughey

  • “It was a night of great contribution for the whole team. Our ball movement and patience allowed us to fight in the zone.

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