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Stewart Family Sisters – Jeanette O’Brien, Keanya PhelpsKarenElaine Stewart, and Shawna Cooper – Everyone participated or by the end of this month they were involved in a career change to become full-time software engineers in the Shoaana Case, Momentum Immersion Full Stack Engineering Program. The Momentum program provides an opportunity for anyone looking to continue their new career in technology with an immersive coding boot camp designed for the skills and technologies on the market today. Momentum is an all-female leadership team with a recognized and well-respected technology talent and a source of training for businesses and individuals nationwide.

His commitment to learning, growing, and growing in the field of engineering is deeply rooted in the Swaart family. The only brother in the family, James StuartHe recently received his PhD in Electrical Engineering, and was awarded the BEYA by the US Navy after being a retired software engineer.

“As black women between the ages of 34 and 51, with different levels of education and different careers, changing careers in our lives is definitely risky and courageous. But my family and I support, argue and encourage each and every one of us. And to be the best on the field, we are proud to be part of the series and hope to encourage others to achieve their dreams, ”said Karen Elaine.

The Stewart sisters are using their experience in Momentum and software engineering and writing their stories on the future of technology.

Jeanette O’Brien A.D. Graduated from the Second Momentum Group in 2018 and is currently a software engineer in the Anceville Group on the Red Hat, the world leader in Enterprise Open Source Solutions. Before joining the Ansible team, Jeanette sought to pay for her coaching skills by teaching four momentum groups and continued to serve as a mentor to existing students, including Sister Karen Ellen. sister Keanya Phelps Momentum graduated in February and was immediately asked to join the Caktus Consulting Group, an employee-owned web development agency. Duram.

Third sister Karen Eileen Stuart, as a Lexis Nexis scholar, is in the middle of a full-fledged momentum program led by an international legal, regulatory and business information and analysis engineer.

“We are very proud of Janet, Kenya and Kareniiline and we look forward to welcoming you to the Momentum program,” Momentum CEO said. Jessica Mitsch.

Like the fourth sister, Shawna CooperJoins the upcoming Momentum March 21 Full-Stack Engineering Course The entire Stewart family is well aware of the source of their inspiration. Asked where she got her inspiration from, Kenya said: Both of them constantly remind us to desire in their own way. You want to get better, to get more, and to break the habit! I can say to all my brothers and sisters that our inspiration came from them.

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Capable of identifying, developing and transforming skills in technology and related skill sets; Momentum Conducts full technology training and skills change courses for individuals – professionals, lesser-known groups, and others looking to improve their careers. Momentum collaborates with companies of all sizes to build a strong workforce with a personal and professional development mind that is always learning. Momentum provides a wide range of services for companies to identify, develop and train internal talent, and to sponsor refined new talent. Momentum has excelled and placed employees in companies nationwide – candidates are delivering non-traditional high-impact and high-tech jobs. Please email for more information [email protected].

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