With Token’s trademark “Tick Talk” – Technology News, Debris – Ohio News Time Tikok may return to India

The latter PUBG Mobile He returned to India this year Battlefield Mobile India, According to the report, a popular short video app by BeitDans Tiktaku, Recently returned to his homelandTiktaku

This information is contained in a trademark application submitted by the Directorate General Directorate of Property Rights, Design and Trademarks. The trademark was registered on July 6 and first appeared on Twitter with a tape recorder.

I contacted Betidanes to confirm the same. I look forward to hearing from you.

last month, Printing Claim Baitidans was “zealous for the re-establishment of jobs in Japan.” The company is in talks to lift the ban on Tectock and has assured officials that it will operate in accordance with IT Regulation 2021.

In 2019, Baitdans appointed India’s chief crossroads and grievance officer. According to the new IT regulations, this is an important requirement for the Indian middle class.

Soon, many Apps blocked in 2020 He is currently trying to cross the embargo and return to the Indian market because it “undermines the country’s sovereignty, integrity and security.” PUBG Mobile In India Battlefield Mobile India Just last month the app was updated and given to Indian players.

Marketing application Ne nIndia It is part of the 59 Chinese apps it blocked in June 2020 and is set to return via Amazon India.

With Ticket’s trademark “Tick Talk” -Technology News, FirstPotTic can return to India

TikTok may return to India, according to First Post.

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