With more than 9,000,000 new users in the marketplace, Bearn builds on Scan Tech with advanced human imaging.

The Bearn App Framework gives users access to in-app testing technology to evaluate body measurements and layout changes over time. Transdermal optimal imaging (TOI) analysis and innovative AI using Power to measure multiple health and safety features using FaceScan technology. The testing technology is provided through a strategic partnership with Australia-based Advanced Human Imaging (AI). Aaron Drew, Beir CEO, and Vladivo BosanakAHA’s General Manager has teamed up to integrate the cutting-edge, health technology available through the app’s users’ mobile devices to democratize security and deliver this unique health assessment and reward platform directly to consumers on their personal devices. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት። “All you need to do now is get a cell phone,” said Bern’s general manager Aaron Drew.

The first step in managing health is to establish the basics and have a consistent and repetitive process to measure change. In the past, this has become a major cost and time requirement for the individual. At the site, users can monitor their heart rate, metabolic risk, blood pressure and respiratory rate, volume, composition, and more to provide strong biometrics that users can use to monitor their health and risk. The app provides training and guidance to help users take the necessary steps to improve their health by rewarding the right features. It is a revolutionary approach to serious disease prevention and health care with simple approaches that focus on heart rate and levels.

In the marketplace, it expands access as users develop active rewards for their health. Bearn provides complete surveys and risk assessment packages for the Bearn in Bear Market, as well as subscription packages. This is where non-profits and marketers can actively improve and measure the health and safety of paid employees and insurers – primarily through the use of audit and evaluation data through the employer-paid model. . “We are excited to integrate Bearn Marketplace with practical digital health and safety technology that can be used to improve public health. We have many more partners in the project, ”said Drew.

Once the merger is complete, we will be able to scan the Barn software in the enrollment packages, such as FaceScans, BodyScan and CompleteScan, to reach more viewers. Dear customers, you can apply for these innovative upgrades and employer-sponsored dollars to purchase more innovations and better health awareness than beer subscriptions.

The new integrated application is currently available to all Beer partners representing a pre-registered user pool of up to 56,000,000 million.

Bearn starts with Acro, which represents brands such as 9Round and Anytime Fitness. In addition to Akuro, we will be launching Parks Plans, Pinole Health, and OnCore Golf Technology, which represents the first release for 12,500,000 users. A number of these partners pay their users for NI-like surveys as part of the ship and initial data capture to manage their rewards. These partners pay users to use at least 1,100,000 million monthly surveys.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Baran Aaron Drew.

In the past, both financial support and technology integration from AHI have played a significant role in advancing the technology and increasing the number of users and enormous numbers we have already registered. I believe Beer will be the leader. In Health Rewards and Health Outcomes. There is no other platform for our rewards or the ability to capture real-time information for goals and participation. 20 m It includes both strategic and institutional capital partners. Our entire work in November will be an exciting step for our company and our new partners and investors.

About Bearn

Bearn is an exciting and new multi-faceted health platform with unique experiences for consumers, advertisers and organizations. When it comes to health and fitness brands, it allows users to earn money from exercise, all while building a health profile.

Bearn is a SaaS technology company that has developed a patent-pending platform involving employers, healthcare providers and other health and safety stakeholders.

The Bearn Platform provides the most unique, customizable and flexible business solution using medical devices and wearables (IOMT) over the Internet. The forum is designed as a B2B solution for organizations that want to participate in and maintain health care-related programs such as health, wellness, fitness and chronic disease management.

Bearn’s solution combines technology, verified information, science, and people to improve targeted behavioral change in terms of overall health and well-being. Bearn was one of the first to move away from the “one size fits all” approach to wrap around an individual member. We offer this value and capability under the umbrella of a unique business model that combines exciting technologies such as 3D body scanning skills, competitions and challenges with your experience.

In addition to making money for consumers burning calories, Beer is also creating the first health credit score for consumers. This is a unique, proprietary health credit product similar to the FICO score, which combines many proven health information sources in one place, allowing users to assess their ‘individual’ health status and identify areas to focus on for themselves. Some improvements.

Finally, Beren is currently developing a food-related benefits analysis linked to grocery purchases to help consumers integrate a healthy diet into exercise to achieve their fitness goals. With a user license, supermarkets report individual purchases of eligible users and the company rewards additional cash.

For more information, please visit https://bearn.co/


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