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I was unfamiliar with projector technology and had isolated the room a lot over the years, so I had little hope for the Xgimi Halo portable projector, especially considering my previous experience with the Xgimi Halo portable projector. Ben Q GS2.

Design and function

The halo designed to be portable is not large and comes with a well-carried case with an internal pad to prevent damage to the transit.

The design of Xgimi Halo is simple, but it looks great and should fit nicely into your living room or bedroom.

The projector itself is a long rectangular parallel to the gray metal finish. It has a simple design and looks good, so I don’t think it feels strange in the living room or bedroom. The inputs include HDMI and USB 2.0, and there is a 3.5mm line output that can be used with headphones and speakers. Of course, I wanted to look for an audio optical output, but it was not intended to be used in any luxury home theater.

The built-in battery provides up to 4 hours of playback time, and a pair of 5W speakers play audio. This device is running Android TV. This means you can access a large number of apps and all popular streaming services without having to connect anything to the HDMI port. Plus, Chromecast support makes it easy to stream content from your smartphone.

I was a little worried that 16GB of internal memory might not be enough, but I installed all the streaming apps I found without any problems. If you download too many videos, you will lose space quickly, but you will need to plug in a pen drive or removable hard drive.

Video quality is excellent at 1080p @ 60Hz.

Configuration process

It was very easy to set up, just turn on the projector. Focus and corner repairs were immediate. It supports 40 degree vertical and horizontal corner correction, so you can enjoy a flat screen display even if you place the projector next to the sofa.

All I had to do was log in to my Android TV and log in to the streaming app individually.

Watch movies and play games

Place it 5 feet away from the screen to test the projector (surprisingly, shining gray), watch a movie through the built-in app, and HDMI via the MacBook. I decided to see him. I dropped the Nintendo switch to test the game’s performance.

Overall, the scale of the project was impressive. The lamp is rated at 800 lumen (although it measures 60 lumens on the screen), bright enough to use in a dark room. When it was released from my laptop, it looked black and a little too deep. After all, the projector seems to support a more limited range of 16-255 HDMI, but not exactly 0-255 as you expect from a good TV or PC controller. There was still more than enough color and sharpness to watch a movie or a TV show.

The experience of the game was excellent and there were no slippery slips or cracks. We do not recommend playing games on this projector, especially due to its low brightness, but it is still a good experience for regular players.

Compared to the i1Display Pro Plus, we got a very low blackness of 0.098 lumens, similarly impressive 622: 1. The average value of △ E is 5.3, which is great for a portable projector. △ E shows the color change from the projector or display to the expected color on the projector or display. Minor changes are not easily recognized by the human eye, so less than 2 values ​​are considered appropriate.

In terms of contrast, color accuracy and white balance are excellent. But I want the image to be bright. [Data captured via an i1DisplayPro Plus colorimeter]

Basically, the color accuracy is sufficient so that you do not feel the need to adjust the screen immediately.

Oh, and the speakers were great. Adjusted by Harman Cardon, it was enough to fill a small room with a portable bus and transparency.

Verdict: If you are in the mobile project market, halo is a good choice

Compare with BenQ GS2 with the same price I reviewed it earlier this year, but Xgimi Halo is a far cry from the poles. GS2 does not have weather capabilities, but doubles the solution and provides a more powerful speaker. It has a longer battery life, the remote control is more sophisticated and the setup process is much easier. AF and corner adjustment systems are also faster and more responsive.

I enjoyed my time in Hallo and that was the price I got. If you can put that money into something like a 12-inch iPad Pro, I’m still not sure if it will cost 90,000 rubles on a portable projector, but if you want a portable projector, Xgimi Halo is a great choice. Consideration should be given to the device.

With Amazing Powerful Speakers: Excellent Mobile Projector-Technology News, Firstpost

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