Will technology explode in Miami in 2022?

The arrival of Microsoft was a milestone in the blockbuster Miami technology.

A.D. By 2021, the integration of factors has led to unprecedented advances in the Miami technology sector. During the outbreak, the steady flow of companies that had previously developed the region changed from New York and California to newcomers, COVID-19 dropped. For social, health, political, and economic reasons, they have zeroed in on what a magical city has to offer.

Can the industry make stellar ink in 2022? The Miami Herald interviewed five people in and out of the sector. Their responses are compressed and adjusted for clarity.

Jack Abraham, Atomic CEO and Management Partner

Miami Technology is here to stay as an important economic force and a breeding ground for entrepreneurship. The city will continue to attract more venture and technology companies, and in 2022 we will see some big tech companies take root. That will result in a network of skills, capital and opportunities that will be integrated over time. At Atomic, we are working with incredible founders working on the next billion-dollar technology company.

Lisa Nuessle, Ironhack Advanced Development Leader

Clearly, the city was well-established for the first technology companies. Next year will be about acceleration. If we continue to embrace new and innovative companies in a community-first approach, I do not see how Miami Tech can be stopped.

David Britz, Chief Impact Industrial; Owner / Arborist by Lucas David Landscape in Kendall

A.D. I’m old enough to remember the 2008 housing market crash. The optimism and excitement of the technology and its rapid growth could accelerate another year, and instead of a big failure, there is little worry that we will catch these chips.

Ivan Lifart, co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech Conference; Founder of Kiddie Kredit

Rapid growth and expansion will continue. Tech in Miami is more than just fashion. We try to look at capital investment flows. One problem is that the cost of living in Miami is related to Florida as a whole. Rentals are astronomical, so it will be important to see a pay rise on board.

Cesar Villa-Garcia, Program Manager at Microsoft Azure IoT; Founder, Senior Student Advisor at Upsilon Pi Epsilon at Florida International University

In Miami, the pace has grown dramatically over the past year. Public and private sector leadership is challenged to develop the technology ecosystem, use our local resources, provide financial support, develop talent, and create opportunities for the unsuspecting. As he left the city in search of technology opportunities, seeing this growth gave me hope for the future of the Miami Technology Center.

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