Why this could be a crucial year for electric cars

Written by Jack Ewing and Neil E. Budet

Battery-only cars have increased in the United States, Europe and China over the past year, but the supply of fossil fuels has stalled. Demand for electric cars is so strong that manufacturers are asking buyers to deposit their money in advance. And some models will be successfully sold over the next two years.

Battery-powered cars are doing well and cars will enter the mainstream this year as they begin to sell electric pumps, one of America’s favorite cars. The arrival of Henry Ford Model Tine in 1908 marked the greatest instability in the automotive industry and could have far-reaching consequences for factory workers, businesses, and the environment. One of the major contributors to climate change is the erosion.

While electric vehicles still make up a small portion of the market – almost 9% of the new cars sold last year were electric, up from 2.5% in 2019, according to the International Energy Agency – and their rapid growth could make 2022. The procession of battery-powered cars became unstoppable, dispelling any suspicion that the internal combustion engine was aging.

Lucid Air near the Bear Mountain, New York Times

“This is one of the biggest industrial changes in the history of capitalism,” said Scott Kiwog, CEO of Volkswagen Group America. The investments are huge, and the mission is huge.

But not everyone will benefit. Manufacturers, oil refineries and other units may be out of business, resulting in many workers losing their jobs. Nearly 3 million Americans make, sell, and service cars and cars, and industrialists require only a handful of workers to produce electric cars because they have small parts.

Over time, batteries such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt may become more desirable than oil. The price of these materials is already rising, which could limit sales by lowering the price of electric cars in the short term.

The transition may also be limited by the lack of a place to plug electric cars, which may distract people from driving long distances or homeless apartments. There are fewer than 50,000 public charging stations in the United States. Experts say the bill, approved by Congress in November, will cost $ 7.5 billion for 500,000 new stations.

And it may take time to see the environmental benefits of electric cars. It may be more difficult to clean heavy trucks, which are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ford 2022 F-150 Lightning Pickup Car

Electric car congestion is still growing the car industry.

The biggest user – and the biggest threat to the established system – is Tesla. The company, led by Elon Musk, By 2021, it will supply nearly 1 million cars, a 90 percent increase by 2020.

Most analysts do not go so far as to buy cheap electric cars as fuel models – this big chapter is just a few years away for low-cost cars that many people can afford.

But we are being told that extreme weather can have a devastating effect on climate change, and we are being told that electric cars are easy to repair, cheap to drive and fun to drive, and rich buyers are increasingly turning to electricity.

The ርሽ 911 የፖ የፖ የፖ ርሽ የፖ ርሽ የፖ የፖ ርሽ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ የፖ ባለፈው የፖ ባለፈው ባለፈው ባለፈው ባለፈው ባለፈው ባለፈው Mercedes Benz sold nearly 100,000 electric cars and vans by 2021, a 90 percent increase over the previous year.

Ford will soon begin selling lightning-powered F-150 pickup cars, one of the top car dealerships in the United States for decades. Initially, he planned to make 75,000 a year. But demand is so strong that the company is trying to double its lightning output, which starts at $ 40,000 and covers up to $ 90,000. After collecting 200,000 orders, Ford stopped booking.

“We can sell everything we can,” said Haw Tai-Tang, Ford’s chief marketing officer and operations officer.

Sales of electric cars in 2021 may be higher but for production bottlenecks. Volkswagen sells about 17,000 ID.4 SUVs in the United States but could quadruple, according to Kiog.

Mike Sullivan, owner of LAcarGUY, distributor chain, sold his ID within weeks of receiving it. “It’s the best-selling model we have,” he said. Volkswagen will start producing ID.4s this year in Chattanooga, Tennessee instead of importing from Germany.

Companies like Tesla are pursuing the benefits of launching EV from scratch. (New York Times)

At the top of the spectrum, electric vehicles can compete at a price that can save thousands of buyers with repairs and gasoline. (Electric cars do not require oil change, and electricity is generally cheaper per mile than gasoline.)

Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar XF P250 sedans sell for around $ 46,000. But owning a Tesla for five years costs less than $ 16,000, according to Kelly Blue Book, a car analyst.

If Europe and China do not measure up, sales in the United States will continue to explode. In December, battery-powered cars sold the first diesel cars in Europe. Mathias Schmidt, an independent analyst in Berlin, said more than 20% of new cars in 18 countries, including Britain, were electric.

A.D. In 2015, more than half of Europe’s new cars went into diesel, making tax policies cheaper than diesel. But government incentives have penalized penalties for electric cars and cars that do not meet emission targets.

Last year, 4% of new cars in the United States were electric, up from 2% in 2020.

Electric cars are the main source of carbon dioxide, which cuts off tail fumes and emissions. According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, electric vehicles in Southern California have had a significant impact on air quality, reducing passenger emissions by 4%. Los Angeles.

Of course, battery-powered cars also have environmental costs. But considering the energy and raw materials you need, electric vehicles are far superior to conventional cars, according to a study by the Yale School of Environmental Protection.

This big change is bound to happen. Most of the new battery and electric car factories planned for automobiles are in the southern states of Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. Their profits could come at the expense of the Middle East, which would lose their internal combustion operations.

Ford stopped booking after storing 200,000 lightning picks; This is worth more than two years. (New York Times)

That hasn’t happened yet, because petrol vehicles still dominate sales. However, when battery power takes over the market, conventional models will benefit less from the cost savings of printing the same vehicle hundreds of thousands of times.

The next few years could be dangerous for car dealers who are slow to deliver electric vehicles. Toyota, a pioneer in hybrid vehicles, will not offer a battery-powered car until the end of this year. Ram did not intend to release a competitor to Ford Lightning until 2024.

Chinese companies such as SAIC, which own the British MG brand, are entering Europe and other markets using technology transfer. Young companies like Lucid, Rivian and Neo want to follow Tesla’s playbook.


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