Why did Tesla grow up when other cars struggled to make cars?

For many years, cars such as the General Motors and the Ford Motors had been operating differently from Tesla Electric.

GM and Ford have closed a factory – sometimes for months – due to a lack of computer chips, dealers leaving a lot of nude and car prices skyrocketing. However, Tesla increased its record sales by a quarter. It ended the year by selling nearly twice as many cars as it did in the wake of the industrial crisis of 2020.

Tesla’s ability to integrate key components is worth more than a year’s worth of car sales. It suggests that the company and perhaps other young electric car companies could jeopardize the dominance of giants such as Volkswagen and GM. This will help to dispel the effects of climate change by speeding up the displacement of petrol-powered cars. But it could hurt millions of workers, thousands of suppliers, and many local and national governments who rely on traditional car production for work, trade, and tax revenue.

Tesla and Puzzle CEO Elon Musk talk a little bit about how the car maker runs around the rest of the car industry. It is now clear that the company simply had the advanced technology and its own supply chain. Tesla appears to be predicting more demand than any other car manufacturer. Other motorists were amazed at how quickly the car market recovered from the crash and did not simply order enough chips and components.

When Tesla could not find the chips he was counting on, he took the existing software and wrote down the software to suit his needs. Large car companies rely on external suppliers for most of their software and computer expertise, but they have not been able to do so. In many cases, automobiles rely on these suppliers to work with chip manufacturers. At the time of the crisis, the cars were unable to negotiate.

A few years ago, analysts found that asking Musk Tesla to do more on his own was one of the main reasons the company was struggling to increase production. Now, his strategy seems to have been proven.

Cars are being digitally defined by their software as engines and transmitters. It is true that some old-fashioned car companies have been recognized from time to time. In recent months, many, including Ford and Mercedes Benz, have announced that they are hiring engineers and programmers to design their own chips.

“Tesla, who was born in Silicon Valley, never developed software – they write their own code,” said Maurice Cohen, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania at Warton School of Engineering and Logistics. “The software was redesigned to replace the chips in a short period of time. Other car manufacturers have not been able to do this.

“Tesla took control of his destiny,” added Professor Cohen.

Tesla By 2021, it had sold an average of 936,000 cars worldwide, an 87 percent increase. The company, which was formed following the merger of Ford, GM and Stellant, Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot, will sell less cars in 2021 than it bought in 2021.

Tesla surpassed Volvo and Suburun in 2021, and some analysts predict that Berlin and Austin Texas factories will be able to sell two million cars this year, as the plant in Shanghai increases online production. That puts Teslan in the same league as BMW and Mercedes – a few years ago they thought there would be few in the industry.

GM and Ford actually sell a lot more cars and trucks. Both companies sold nearly two million vehicles in the United States just last week.

Tesla, which rarely responds to questions from journalists, did not respond to a request for comment. He did not say publicly how he grew up in the low market.

“We have used alternative components and programming software to address the challenges posed by these shortcomings,” the company said in a third quarter earnings report.

Tesla’s production and supply problems have been a major change since 2018, when the industry was ridiculed. Many of the manufacturing horns come from Mr. Musk’s ability to make the company work.

Other car companies, Mr. Musk and Tesla, have realized that they need to do some of the work and are in the process of controlling their computer systems.

For example, Mercedes plans to use the latest models and more advanced semiconductors and write its own software, said Marcus Schaefer, a board member who oversees procurement in Germany.

In the future, Mercedes “will make sure we have standard chips in the car,” Mr Schaefer said in an interview Wednesday. “Not a thousand different chips.”

Mercedes also designs its own vehicle hardware. Without mentioning Tesla, Mr. Schaefer added, “Perhaps some others have been going this way before.

Doing a lot of work on your own can help explain Tesla’s lack of battery, which is why companies like Ford and GM are restricted from selling more electric cars. A.D. In 2014, when most car manufacturers argued over whether electric vehicles should be used, Tesla and his partner Panasonic smashed what he called a gigabyte outside of Reno, Nevi, to produce batteries. Now that factory will have a reliable supply.

“It was a big disaster,” said Ryan Tester, former Tesla executive who was involved in the construction of the Nevada plant. But because they have already decided to bring things home, they have more control over their own destiny.

According to Warton Professor Cohen, Tesla’s approach was largely reminiscent of Ford’s early days in its own steel mills and tire farms. In recent decades, traditional car art manufacturers have focused on design and final assembly, and have given the rest to suppliers. That strategy has helped big players reduce the amount of money they spend in factories, but has left them vulnerable to chain violence.

In addition, Tesla is much smaller than Volkswagen and Toyota, producing more than 10 million vehicles each year. “It’s a small supply chain to begin with,” said Mr. Meltsert, now CEO of American Battery Technology, Recycling and Mining Company.

The Tesla line is also much smaller and easier to deliver. The Model 3 sedan and Model Y sports car will cover almost all of the company’s sales by 2021. Tesla also offers fewer options than most traditional car makers, making it easier to manufacture.

Phil Amsrudd, a senior analyst at automotive semiconductors at IHS Markit, says: “It’s a much smarter approach.” “You are not trying to manage all these different configurations.”

Tesla software, which can be updated remotely, is considered to be the most advanced in the automotive business. However, analysts say the company’s cars could use smaller chips because the company controls a number of computers, such as battery cooling and autonomy.

“Tesla has fewer boxes.”

Of course, Tesla may still have problems trying to replicate its growth in 2021 – it is looking to increase sales by 50 percent a year for the next several years. In its third quarter report, the company acknowledged that its innovation in supply chain turmoil may not work well and that it has increased production and needs additional chips and components.

The electric car market is becoming more competitive when traditional car manufacturers respond later than small electric vehicles designed to please regulators. This week, Ford announced that lightning strikes the electric F-150 pickup truck due to strong demand. Tesla Pickup cars have not been sold for at least a year.

Attitudes toward traditional car manufacturers could improve this year as the shortage of semiconductors and other components decreases and manufacturers are better able to cope.

Tesla vehicles still suffer from quality problems. In December, the company said it planned to call over control of more than 475,000 vehicles in two separate defects. One can cause the rear view camera to fall off, and the other can cause the front panel to suddenly open. And federal inspectors are checking the safety of Tesla’s autopilot system, which can speed, brake and drive.

“Tesla will continue to grow,” said Stephen Beck, a management consultant at cg42 in New York. But they are facing more competition than ever before, and the competition is getting stronger.

But the basic advantages of a car maker that allow him to travel in a chip crisis remain. Tesla builds on nothing but electric vehicles and is not limited by outdated practices and processes with the new technology. “Tesla started with clean paper,” said Mr Amsrud.

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