While Apple has overcome the 3tn hurdle, it still relies on one major product

IApple will be the world’s first trillion-dollar company, with the iPhone playing a key role. The technology company will show the latest iteration of its signature product on Tuesday, and the success of the iPhone 13 will determine how fast Apple will move from its current market capitalization of 2.5tn (£ 1.8tn) to $ 3tn.

“We believe Apple is on track to hit $ 3tn in early 2022 and the iPhone 13 will be the key to growth,” he said.

The company does not believe it has changed its decision last week to stop app developers from making payments outside of the Apple app – one of its most lucrative services.

But stock prices could follow up on Friday’s decision on the new iPhone. If Apple’s market capitalization hit the $ 3tn mark, it would have to rise by about 22% – up from 2 tons in August last year alone – and has already risen 12% this year. The iPhone accounted for 50% of last year’s revenue of $ 275 billion, the next largest segment of services (App Store, Apple TV, etc.), accounting for 20 percent. So Tuesday is important.

According to the MacMakers website, the new iPhone will not be rooted. The four models come in sizes 5.4in, 6.1in and 6.7in. The two will be in the higher “pro” range, the more affordable the two. Major improvements in the iPhone 13s are expected with camera lenses and battery capacity.

While there is a complete and highly competitive global smartphone market, Ives believes there are two reasons to use the latest iPhone: the fastest global streaming of 5G networks, and nearly 300 million iPhone owners have not upgraded their phones in three and a half years. Years.

More than a billion iPhones are in use worldwide, and smartphone owners are making a steady income for Apple as they enter the App Store and listen through AirPods.

However, the focus of this launch – the new Apple Watch and AirPods are also protected – is the company’s dependency on the iPhone. His secret attempts to start his own car were further thwarted last week when he lost his executive to Ford. He was the fourth senior member of the car team since February. Sooner or later, CEO Tim Cook wants to hit the ground running.

But Ives is confident about Apple’s line-up: “The iPhone will remain the heart and lungs of Apple’s history for the next decade. But we believe that Apple will be introducing glasses next year, and then In 2024, although it will be launched soon, Apple will launch a car.

Analysts are more skeptical of Goldman Sachs, despite the fact that the outbreak has increased demand. “Consumers have high savings levels and the price of Apple products has increased with dynamic work and research,” he said, predicting a 19% annual increase in average per customer per year.

Goldman predicts a drop in performance next year. But Covy admits that it has changed consumer behavior, leaving it bright for 2022. “We have learned that it is difficult to make predictions in a century,” he said.

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