WhatsApp Multi Device 2.0 support and messaging responses

WhatsApp may soon become a reality for the iPad, as the company that owns Facebook is working on multi-device support. The feature is now available in pre-release version before it is officially released.

According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp has launched “Multi-Device 2.0” and users will soon be able to use their iPad as a new connected device. The aforementioned source confirms that Android tablets also support multi-device WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is said to allow you to connect up to four devices and one smartphone. A WhatsApp spokesperson told TechRadar that the upcoming feature will allow users to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without having to connect their phone.

“Multi-device means that users will have the same functionality on the current versions of WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal without having to connect your phone. Our multi-device capabilities instantly make the experience better for people using desktop / web and portal. It can also add support for more types of devices over time.

In addition, WhatsApp also plans to add messaging responses to the app, according to the latest report WaBetaInfo. The feature has already been featured in the iOS version and is now available in Android beta.

The feature is similar to how the Instagram message response works. WhatsApp users can respond to messages with emoji icons. The messaging app can allow you to send emojis by pressing the message for a long time, after which the app will display a few emojis. Once you have selected your favorite, the person to whom you sent the message will be notified of the same response.

The cited source reports that the feature is currently under development and will be available to users in future updates. “Responses are anonymous, so everyone in the discussion can see who responded to a specific message,” the report said.


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