WhatsApp CEO launches iPad app

New Delhi White has long urged WhatsApp users to offer the company’s native iPad app. So far, the meta-owned messaging app has dashed the iPad app. But that could change soon, with WhatsApp CEO William Katkart announcing the release of the iPad app.

In an interview with The Virgin, the CEO of WhatsApp said that users have been asking for the iPad app for a long time and that he would like the business to be available. “We would like to do it,” said Katkart.

Although WhatsApp CEO has not promised a launch date, he says the business now has the basic technology needed to run such an application. WhatsApp’s chief executive said it had made significant efforts to support the device on a wide range of devices, citing the company’s long-awaited multi-device capabilities. And now that the company’s desktop and online applications are synchronized with the main device without an internet connection, the next obvious step is to expand the same functionality into a tablet format.

“With the multi-device feature enabled, I can turn off my phone or lose my network connection and I can still receive messages on my PC.” It is very important to be able to use the tablet app even if your phone is off. So there is basic technology, ‚ÄĚKatkart explained.

WhatsApp is already available on iPhones, the Web and PCs, but there is still no app created for the iPad form. Although sources have long said that the corporation is working on an iPad-based application, there is little evidence that the app is operating within the company. But WhatsApp CEO says the company’s multi-device capabilities, which were launched last year, have paved the way for the iPad app.

Having said that, the start date is not specified. As a result, you may have to wait a bit for the app.

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