WhatsApp blocked these accounts in November 2021

More than 1.75 million Indian accounts have been blocked by WhatsApp in New Delhi, and 602 complaints have been received in November 2021, according to the report.

According to a recent report, 17,59,000 Indian accounts have been blocked on WhatsApp.

He added that the Indian ID will be identified by the +91 phone number.

“In accordance with IT Regulations 2021, we have published our sixth monthly report for November. This user-safety report contains user complaints and the action taken by WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp’s own protection measures. To combat attacks on our platform,” a WhatsApp spokesman said.

The spokesman added that WhatsApp had blocked more than 1.75 million accounts in November.

“WhatsApp is one of the industry’s leading end-to-end messaging services. Over the years, we have invested heavily in artificial intelligence and other technologies, data scientists and experts, and processors.”

The company, which previously owned Facebook, said more than 95 percent of the restrictions were on the use of automatic or mass spam.

More than 2 million Indian accounts have been hacked on WhatsApp, and 500 complaints have been received on social media in October.

WhatsApp said in a final report that it had received 602 user reports in November 2021, covering account support (149), appeal (357), additional support (21), product support (48) and security (27).

During this period, 36 accounts were “taken” in the restraining appeal category, according to reports received.

According to WhatsApp, it refers to reports that “tag actions” have been taken.

Taking action may indicate denial of account or restoration of a previously restricted account due to a complaint.

Also, reports may have been reviewed but not included as ‘function’ because the user needs help accessing their account or to use certain features, restore a blocked account requested by the user and if the request is rejected or reported the account does not violate the Indian or WhatsApp terms.

The new IT rules, which went into effect in May, require large digital platforms (more than 5 million users) to publish monthly full reports, detailing complaints received and actions taken.

He emphasized that WhatsApp was not an encrypted platform, as it had previously been encrypted from end to end.

In addition to the features that come with tags, it says it relies on undisclosed information to identify and prevent user attacks, profile photos, group photos and descriptions, as well as advanced AI tools and resources.

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