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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (August 2) announced the E-RUPI, a private and purpose-based digital payment solution through a video conference. Modi has always emphasized the need to protect digital initiatives, and for a long time, the Prime Minister’s Office has long sought to ensure that the relationship between the government and consumers is limited. He said the program has started. He said the concept of electronic vouchers promotes this vision of good governance.

E-ROPP guarantees “timely payments” without the involvement of consultants. Image: pixabay

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a digital payment solution at 4:30 p.m.

What is e-RUPI? How does it work?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: E-RUPI states: “It is a QR code or SMS string based on the user’s mobile phone.” Official press release..

It can be used as a prepaid voucher for service providers, eliminating the need for cards, digital payment applications or Internet banking. Digitally connect “Service Provider Sponsors to Users and Service Providers”. Guarantee “timely payments” without consulting counselors. According to the statement, “Payments to the service provider will be made only after the transaction has been completed.”

The digital payment solution was developed at the UPI forum by the Indian National Payments Corporation (NPCI) in collaboration with the Department of Financial Services, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Health.

Users can retrieve their vouchers by scanning the QR code received by SMS.

Where can I use E-RUPI?

According to an official statement, digital payment services may be used to ensure “full supply of charitable services.” In addition, in the Maternal and Child Welfare System, the Tuberculosis Eradication Program, Ayushman Barat Pradan Mantry Jan Arogio Yojana, Fertilizer Subsidy, etc. can also be used to provide drug and dietary support services in accordance with the system.

As part of the government’s “Workers’ Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility Program”, the sector is proposing to use these digital vouchers.

How does e-RUPI differ from other digital payment applications?

The main difference between e-RUPI and other online payment applications is that neither e-RUPI platform nor application. Voucher for limited services only. Unlike other payment services, users do not need to have a digital payment app or bank account to use this voucher.

What are the benefits of using E-RUPI?

as if NPCI websiteIt is useful for businesses because it does not require physical giving. It therefore leads to cost savings for the organization. In addition, the website indicates that publishers can track voucher redemptions.

E-RUPI is useful for users because it is “simple and secure” according to the official statement. Due to the pre-ban rate, the transaction is less likely to be rejected. According to NPCI, there is a two-step process that prevents users from sharing personal information when purchasing vouchers. Consumers in particular do not need to have a digital payment app to recover their vouchers.

Which banks use e-RUPI?

According to the NPCI, the State Bank of India, HDFC, SC, Punjab National Bank, Baroda Bank, Canara Bank, Indus Bank and ICCC Bank already use e-RPG digital payment solutions.

(Input from PTI)

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