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How did you spend Monday when Facebook and all its assets collapsed?

The termination began around 10:20 AM CDT and by the end of the day users were still waiting to post and post themselves. Facebook took to Twitter without being able to communicate on its own platform.

“We know that some people have difficulty accessing our apps and products. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

The termination follows a week-long bad news for social media. On Sunday, she explained how she saw a whisper about her experience working for Facebook and how the network pushed negative posts in front of users’ news feeds. He is angry.

So how does the long-term disruption of Facebook and Instagram affect people and society in general?

It’s hard to know, but I visited a coffee shop when people were learning about Facebook and Messenger interruptions.

Although a few people seem to be worried if they are upset, others tell me that it would be nice to live for a few days without those social networks.

“I think it will have a positive effect not only on me but on a lot of people,” says 17-year-old Paige Davit. She told me she was trying to get away from those two social channels and said, “Just live my life,” but she always came back.

”I don’t think I’m going to cut it all off myself, so somehow, I’d be happy if it happened. It can cause a lot of negativity in people’s lives, so I have to stay away from it. ”

Dr. Davis spends most of his time on Facebook, but his wife does. I don’t know, maybe people really have to go out and talk to people. Maybe they just sit there and talk to people. ”

Getting rid of social media is not the only thing that can do us good. With 60 Minutes and revelations in the Wall Street Journal, you may be able to avoid negative posts that you can easily avoid on social media, which will keep people from being upset and angry.

The service has finally been restored.

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