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How does an app go from anywhere to the top of the Apple App Store in a month? He should be great and have celebrities who post reviews and shows. None of this is true for Fontmaker, the # 4 app in the App Store with over 18,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars.

This is a great achievement in the short term. He is very skeptical. As a sensor tower, the app has fewer than 5,000 downloads but does not include last week.

what is this? The font looks great, giving you the ability to convert the text you type into your personal manuscript. According to the statement, the idea is to make each article, post, and Instagram and Snapchat story read to you personally. In theory, the download is worth it. In practice, not so much.

The font gives full access to the keyboard you install and your iPhone keyboard. Tap on the “Global” icon on the keyboard to switch to font when writing text or something else. You will then see a box to type any text you want to send.

If you are asked to manually type each letter, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. So when you type, Fontmaker converts your saved manuscript into text.

Once you type your message in the box, you will be asked to copy and paste that into your story, post or text message.

When I try it, the copy function only works half the time. Forgiveness was also more difficult to type. An “A” was changed to “s” in the message because my finger was slightly off the key.

The message is actually an image created by your handwriting, so it will not be viewed as text or post when copying and pasting. It now appears as an image or image you typed.

Still, it’s a “free” app, so what’s the problem?

Free trial is free for only 3 days (2 days really). After that, you will have to pay $ 5 a week. Many apps are doing this now and some are making a lot of money because people will forget and ignore deleting them before the experiment ends.

With Fontmaker, you must pay for the subscription one day before the end of the trial. Forget it for a few weeks and that $ 5 fee will increase exponentially.

Keyboard apps are also a little skeptical anyway. Apple gives users full access to the keyboard app, which warns users before installing that the app can view and save anything you type. That could be credit cards, addresses, passwords.

So why should I ever mention this app? Because there are a lot of people coming down and there are a lot of red flags. In the App Store comments section, the developers respond to each “thank you” or “see” for each download.

Even if someone comments that the app doesn’t work or that it costs $ 5, the developer’s response is the same: “Thanks for downloading!”

Find out which apps to download. If you download the app for a free trial, cancel the trial immediately. Before using the app, go to Settings and tap your picture at the top of the page.

Scroll down to “Subscriptions”, find it and delete it. You can still use the app during the free trial, but you should not forget that it was canceled on time.

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