Walworth’s new robot-like scan and go system has a unique way of getting rid of thieves

Buyers of Woolworths who try to cheat on self-service checks will find it difficult to achieve the same benefits due to the new AI technology.

The hi-tech robot, which has been circulating in Wallworth stores this year, is a great way for customers not to give themselves a “five-finger discount”.

Consumers who tend to “accidentally” taste lemons more than avocados are no match for the new Smart Balance, which recently became part of the supermarket’s Scan and Go program.

The scale, developed by Tiliter Retail, automatically scales and separates products without barcodes, and is now available in 36 stores across the country.

Artificial intelligence cameras are so accurate that they can detect not only the differences between different types of plants, such as capsules, but also organic and non-organic products.

The scales work by identifying an item that takes less than 200 milliseconds, and then presenting the estimated piece of product on the screen.

Customers have the ability to manually modify selected items by scale, but the device can alert staff members if the AI ​​algorithm is unsure of its prediction.

The scales can identify non-productive items such as wallets, phones, photos and barcodes.

Each item is added to the buyer’s virtual cart after scanning the barcode provided on the screen using the Check & Go function in the Walworth app.

Other products outside of the product category can be added by scanning the customer’s existing barcode.

Once all the customer’s goods are inspected, they can pay their groceries over the phone without any interference from the staff.

Wallworth stores that support the check-in and check-out system have a special exit for the customer to use a program that requires them to scan the QR code at the exit before leaving.

The check-in and check-out system is available alongside self-service and employee check-outs, and allows buyers to process their payments if they order online.

Stores that support Sukan and Hidden typically have three scales, Walworth said.

“At Walworth, we are always looking for new ways to make it easier to shop for your daily needs,” Ben Garvan, head of Walworth Digital Ben Garvan, told news.com.au.

We know that many of our customers are short on time, and the speed and convenience of Scan & Go has made it popular with many buyers across Australia.

“In addition to saving time, scan and go allows customers to keep a close eye on their expenses when purchasing, which helps them budget.”

A Sullivan dealer found one of the machines in a Brisbane shop last month and shared his findings in a TikTok video.

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