VoLTE technology to improve the quality of voice calls – Vodafone – Daily News Egypt

A source in Vodafone Egypt said VoLTE technology is available to all 4G customers and has significantly improved the quality of voice calls.

Egypt’s National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has approved the use of Voilete technology for the first time in the Egyptian telecom market. The announcement came in the form of a statement issued by NTRA last Thursday.

It improves the quality of voice calls for 4G networks as well as for regular customers who use companies because the source described the decision as a correct step.

It transmits voice services over 4G frequencies and improves the use of refrigerators, enabling companies to serve a larger number of customers.

VoLTE technology is the most advanced wireless communication technology that allows subscribers to enjoy high quality voice calls while enjoying the purity and clarity of voice. Users can make voice calls at no extra cost for the current service.

The technology is abbreviated as “Voice over LTE” and is used as an advanced communication technology for smartphones. Allows high quality voice calls to transmit voice calls over 4G networks rather than older voice networks.

According to NTRA, there are 15 million subscribers using the fourth generation technology in the Egyptian market.

This number is expected to increase with the distribution of smartphones supporting the technology in the Egyptian market.

The service will be available in the covered Egyptian market areas using 4G technology.

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