Virtual Finance chooses DigiPlex to handle low-latency electronic trading technology

Stockholm, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – DigiPlex, Nordic leader of measurable, sustainable and secure data centers, has attracted a major financial company Virtu Financial (NASDAQ: VIRT), To him Stockholm Information Center. Virtuu uses state-of-the-art technology to provide fluidity to global markets and innovative, transparent marketing solutions for their customers. The low-latency connection, green credentials and strength at the Digglex facility were key to Vigi’s decision.

Virtu is a global financial services company that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide performance services, data, analytics and communications products to its customers and provide fluidity to world markets. Marketing Structure Knowledge and Technology is at the heart of Virtu’s service, and the company is introducing new hardware and state-of-the-art algorithms to improve its offerings. Low latency, secure and robust digital infrastructure are essential for Virtu services, making common choice partner. The decision to move to the Dipplex Stockholm station will already significantly improve business in the Verdic region and across Virtu Financials. Europe.

The presence of the DigiPlex data center in conjunction with a robust financial environment facilitates Virtu’s smart command lines: a key benefit for Virtu’s Algos and Smart Order Routing customers. 100% Sustainable Electricity, a very low latency relationship with a strong financial environment and key exchanges, high security standards, resilience and timing were all reasons to choose DigiPlex as a long-term partner.

Commenting on the decision to move to DigiPlex, David Fulung, CEO and Head of Marketing in Virtual Finance, he said; “The Nordic region has always been an important region for Virtu and our commitment to coexisting with the DigiPlex database strengthens our continued commitment to the region and our local partners. Digglex provides exactly what we need to address marketing challenges in both. Initial exchanges and MFTs geographically distant from each other.

Frederick Jansen, CCO at DigiPlex he said. “We welcome Virtu to our data center and even to the family of Digplex customers. Our goal is to help our customers meet the needs of their customers. The best digital infrastructure in the region is sustainable. It allows its customers to continue to expand Europe. “

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About DigiPlex

DigiPlex designs, builds and operates sustainable and secure data centers in Nordic Oslo, Stockholm And Copenhagen. DigiPlex is carrier-independent and provides connectivity to all major cloud and network service providers. DigiPlex has the highest availability of best-in-class services and is trusted by both public and private clients – including security agencies such as government and financial institutions. DigiPlex’s eight data centers are powered by 100% sustainable resources and the company has won numerous awards for its energy-saving innovations and sustainability initiatives.

About Virtu Financial, Inc.

Virtu is a global financial services company that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide performance services and information, analytics and communications products to its customers and provide fluidity to world markets. Utilizing global marketing expertise and infrastructure, Virtu delivers a strong portfolio of products, including in-service delivery, liquid filtration, analytics and brokerage independent, multi-vendor platforms in workflow technology. Versu’s products allow customers to trade in hundreds of locations around 50+ countries and in many segments of the world, including global assets, ETPs, foreign exchange, futures, fixed income, and countless other commodities. In addition, Virtu’s integrated, multi-asset analysis platform provides pre-existing, internal and post-trading services, data products and assembly tools that customers can rely on to invest, trade and manage risk in markets around the world.


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