Virginia Tech, Xavier to nearby universities to avoid students who have not received covi vaccine

Students at Virginia Tech and Xavier University in New Orleans are the latest to be fired from their computers for failing to comply with the CV-19 vaccine.

Many colleges and universities across the country require students to provide proof of immunization. In some colleges, perpetrators have been fined, while others have been expelled from school.

Xavier’s chief of staff and vice president of administration, Patrice Bell, said last week that the university began segregating unvaccinated students on August 23, when classes began. She told WWL-TV in New Orleans that all students were told to meet immunization requirements by mid-July.

According to Bell, the school decided to enroll unvaccinated students because the best thing to do was to “order the students to be vaccinated.”

“Some people are making personal choices and we respect those choices, but we, like Xavier, have to make decisions based on the needs of the community at large,” Bell said.

The school did not say how many students had dropped out, but Bell told the news agency that most students would be vaccinated. According to the school’s website, the total enrollment for the fall of 2020 was 3,384.

Xavier University in New Orleans.Google Maps

Virginia Tech officials have fired more than 130 students who did not submit their immunization certificates or were not eligible for exemption, the school said on its website.

The university said it did not know if any of the students planned to return for reasons other than the VV-19 vaccine requirements.

A spokesman for WSLS, Mark Owserski, told Reuters that the number of students enrolled was less than 0.4 percent of the school’s estimated 37,000 students. The university announced the right to immunize students in June.

Students who meet the immunization requirements by email will be allowed to re-enroll in the next semester, as the deadline has already been set.

The University of Virginia said last week it had dropped at least 238 students, including 49, in violation of the immunization order. Spokesman Brian Koi told Virginia-Pilot that the students had received many warnings before they registered: “By email, text, phone calls, parental calls.”

More than 96 percent of students have been vaccinated, according to a university report. The school, however, said it has reduced 335 permanent reservations for medical or religious freedom and 184 temporary plans for students who have experienced problems during the summer.

Other schools in New Jersey, including Rowan University, have announced plans to expel unvaccinated students. Administrators will have until September 7 to confirm that students have received their first immunizations after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fully licensed the vaccine for the Pv vaccine.

Students who violate the order or are not exempt may be at risk of having their accounts held, removed from the dormitory, and eventually expelled from the university.

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