Virginia Tech student creates GoFundMe account to help families trying to leave Afghanistan

BLACKSBURG, VA (WFXR) – The deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is just a few days away.

But there is growing concern that the United States will not be able to evict everyone in time. Many people here in the Commonwealth are worried that their loved ones will not be able to leave.

Mariam Farzai, a Virginia Tech student, says she is doing her best to raise awareness and help displaced people find safe housing.

“People need to understand how serious the situation is. It is a terrorist organization that controls the entire country with vast intangible natural resources; Said Farzai.

By Mary Farzai

She says she has a family friend who is trying to help the victims leave the city, but the Taliban are making it difficult.

“The airport is another matter. My cousin told me that some family members had been beaten at the airport, and that they had the right documents and everything. ”

By creating a GoFundMe page, she is trying to bring those families to Virginia.

She told FFC News that she was in talks with a Roanoke organization to find suitable accommodation for the refugees.

Katrina Paul, director of immigration, refugee and displacement studies at Virginia Tech, said settlement efforts are important.

“Everyone is afraid of his own life and the lives of his children because he suffers so much,” says Paul.

She says there is a moral decision in the refugee camp. Environment and culture are important because when families come, they will have a community of people who speak their native language.

But she says the process of transferring any refugee to the United States can be a long process. Upon their arrival, authorities, along with various organizations throughout the United States, assisted the refugees in finding accommodation, food, clothing, education, and more.

Farzai says GoFundMe’s goal is to bring her family to the United States. She says that many of the family members she helped started with nothing.

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