Virginia Tech Programs secure top spot in the 2022 Best Online Programs rankings in the US News and World Report.

Virginia Tech’s Online Master’s Degree in Information Technology (MIT) ranks third in the country (last year No. 4). For the second year in a row, the program is ranked No. 1 for the Patriots.

Virginia Tech is ranked 20th in US News & World Report’s Best Online Master Engineering Programs.

The MIT program combines collaboration between the College of Engineering and Pamplin College of Business and offers the following courses: Department of Computer Science and Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, both in the College of Engineering. ; And Department of Mathematics and Information Systems, Department of Business Information Technology and Administration, all at Pamplin Business College.

A.D. In 2021, the program introduced new courses and certifications designed to meet market demand in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, said Parvey Gandforch, Professor, Associate Dean and Director of the MIT Program at Pumplin College. Of business.

“We are committed to providing quality education and services with a modern curriculum,” said Pamplin Dean Robert Sumicrast. “It is in line with other national accolades that MIT Pamlin, the College of Engineering and the University are receiving.”

The Virginia Tech MIT program is one of the largest IT masters programs in the country, attracting nearly 1,000 students from the United States and other countries who want to learn information technology and applications.

“They want to understand how the concepts, tools and techniques we teach in the program will benefit their employers or their own companies,” Ghandforoush said. “Many focus on cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data and analysis, and entrepreneurship.”

The MIT program has been recognized as a major in the country since 1999 and program enrollment has increased by about 10 percent annually since 2014.

According to Gandforos. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the impact of the CVD-19 epidemic in 2021, MIT enrollment has declined, which has not reduced the number of veterans who have not been severely affected by economic conditions.

“The program continues to grow with the increase of 100 percent online synchronization format and the number of vacancies in the IT sector. We have been directly involved in the training of veterans here in the United States and abroad to fill the growing IT vacancies. ” Said Gandhoros.

This growing demand for IT professionals has led to a change in the strategy and flexibility of the MIT program, said Glenda Scals, an international participant and chief technology officer at the College of Engineering.

“Our faculty in the MIT program continually improves student experience and expands what it means to engage our students in a virtual environment,” Mizan said. “The needs of IT professionals are still critical and our goal is to provide flexible opportunities for professionals to obtain certification and degrees in the field of information technology in collaboration with our talented teachers and students.”

At this year’s rankings, Virginia Tech’s Online Graduation Engineering Program reaffirms its commitment to making students successful for the first time, both in the workforce and in the workforce. Those who make a career transition.

Julia Ross, an engineering dean of Paul and Dorothy Torresson, says: “Today’s students value the dynamic and high-quality online graduation program options. “We expect that the demand for these engineering college programs will increase only when students are given greater importance in the workforce and are able to pursue new careers through existing programs and responsibilities.”

The College of Engineering said it plans to launch a new certification program in Construction and Infrastructure Engineering and Management as well as online Mechanical, Nuclear and Material Science Engineering to meet the needs of online certification and postgraduate industry needs.

Virginia Tech College of Engineering, world-renowned in engineering education, showcases state-of-the-art technology to improve its online offerings. All courses are based on the Virginia Tech school year calendar.

Written by Barbara Micale


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