Virginia Beach businesses weigh in on the new ShotSpotter technology. Police Testing Technology

Virginia Beach, Va. – For the past seven months, she has owned a Pixelated boutique on 17th Street near the shores of the Vie de Ocean.

“We are very happy to be here,” he said. “I still feel like a dream, but it’s finally coming true.”

Safety is one of the most important things for her and her staff.

“Because we are here, we hear a lot about gun violence,” she said. My staff or even I am afraid we will not be in this shop ourselves.

One summer, a man came and threatened one of the workers, she told News 3.

He came in, he just threw all our things around, he threw our things on the floor, and she was very upset because my staff heard him say, “Kill.” She is very scared. ”

Dr., however, is pleased to hear that new technology is being implemented around the store and around the rest of Virginia Beach Oceaning-Shot Spotter.

“It will enable us to focus on laser, reduce the harm we do to the community and hold those responsible for the gun violence accountable,” VPD general manager Paul Nudji told News 3.

Recently, News 3 sat down with NewDay to discuss a team of sensors measuring the exchange of gunfire, identifying their exact location and notifying authorities within seconds of incidents around two square miles.

“We hear a lot of rumors in the community that there are constant gunfire in Oshigan,” Newugit said. “Well, now we have the facts to prove it wrong.”

this week, Police sent a message They said they would test the technology on Wednesday night, “to measure and maintain an effective sensor response.”

“This is good for small businesses,” Doy said.

For her, she was very happy.

“When customers feel safe and tourists feel safe coming to this area, we get a lot of business, both urban and small,” he said.

She believes that giving her and others a place of rest will give her more peace of mind.

“If this technology can be reported to the police immediately, it will be resolved quickly,” Doy said. This will be effective in the future. ”


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