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If you want to buy a ticket to one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spacecraft, you may want to buy it seven years ago.

On Thursday, the Virgin Galactic announced that it would launch a four-minute free-to-air and ground-breaking ticket for more than 50 miles.

Price – At least $ 450,000 per seat.

This In 2014, the company’s first satellite, VSS Enterprise, was fined $ 200,000 during a test flight and before the sale. About 600 people have tickets for the previous round.

Also, if you do not have a $ 1,000 refund in advance, you will have to wait longer. When Virgin Galaxy Tickets resumes, it will first place tickets for 1,000 people who can book a place on the waiting list.

Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Collazier confirmed the company’s quarterly results and telephoned industry analysts, and that higher prices are leading to higher profits and please shareholders. But he said, “It is very important for those who practice with us to recommend this space trip.”

Former customers’ tickets are now relatively affordable, but they have been waiting longer than expected. Branson has repeatedly said that commercial flights will soon begin.

Branson established the Virgin Galactic in 2004 and launched its first commercial flight in 2004. It is expected to begin in 2008. However, rocket-powered aircraft development became more difficult and slower than planned. Branson finally found the flight in July as one of six on a test flight.

The next flight is scheduled for the end of September. It’s still a test flight, but it has paid customers – the Italian Air Force has bought a flight for two of the researchers.

Before the Virgin Galaxy was launched for a short space shuttle flight, it would stop upgrading the VAS Unity satellite and its cargo plane, which can reach an altitude of about 45,000 feet.

In mid-2022, Virgin planned another test flight to confirm the galaxy’s upgrade and then go into business. From there, the Virgin Galaxy launches another spacecraft, hoping to increase its speed.

Collage says it will keep repeating itself, even at very high prices. “We believe this experience is unique and convincing, and we believe it will facilitate many repetitive experiences with friends and family around the world,” he said.

The Blue Origin, which was created in the context of the space market by Jeff Bessos and the Virgin Galactic, has recently been launched as a rocket rather than an airplane, and a slightly higher ticket has been launched for the New Pearl space shuttle. Now on sale. More than 62 miles. In its first flight with Bessos, Blues Origen offered the venue for a future $ 28 million bid to the Bessos space-based charity.

Blue Origen began selling the seats to bidders, but did not specify the current ticket price or the number of people who bought the ticket.

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Virgin Galaxy raises four-minute ticket price on Pepsiplane-Technology News, Firstpost

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