VIQ will form a strategic partnership with LegalCraft to expand common technology and service offerings in global markets.

Phoenix, Ariz .– (Business Wire–VIQ Solutions Inc. (“VIQ”, “VIQ Solutions” or “Company”) (TSX and Nasdaq: VQS), a global provider of secure, AI-based, digital audio and video recording technology and text services., Today, it announced a strategic partnership with LegalCraft to use legal services to facilitate legal analysis, trial preparation and real-time transcription to assist legal professionals globally.

It integrates VIQ Lexel into its global service portfolio and is the first LegalCraft strategic partner in the United States to provide Lexus Strong collaboration and case management platform. VIQ customers can securely store and share audio, video and text recordings from CapturePro ™ and NetScribe ™ platforms and other external sources. Lexus users can simultaneously play audio and video files, review couriers with coworkers, review presentations, and tag their files. Lexel Collaborative features provide VIQ clients with easier, more efficient case management and preparation for testing.

“We are thrilled to partner with LegalCraft and provide Lexel to develop the most efficient and effective litigation software and evidence management solutions for lawyers around the world,” said VIQ Solutions, Vice President of Product and Strategy. “As we integrate the Lexus platform with our VIQ product family, we look forward to providing improved solutions.”

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will provide to the industry. It will enable us to make a greater impact on the world.” “Our partnership with VIQ is strategic in nature and opens many doors for the prosperity of both companies.

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About VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions is a global provider of secure, AI-led, digital audio and video recording technology and text recording services. VIQ Intelligence provides a seamless, comprehensive set of solutions that provide automation, human evaluation, content retrieval, retrieval, and actionable information. The Cyber-Secure, AI Technology and Services Platform operates in the most secure areas of the criminal justice, law, insurance, government, corporate finance, media and duplication markets, enabling them to improve the quality and accessibility of evidence. Identify easy-to-understand insights and get digital transformation quickly and cheaply.

About LegalCraft

LegalCraft is a software development company founded in 2005 and a long-time innovator in the legal technology industry. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to encourage international lawyers with highly efficient and effective litigation software and evidence management solutions. Lexel, LegalCraft’s flagship product, is a case study and testing platform that assists lawyers around the world.

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