VideoAmp hires Tony Fagan as Chief Technology Officer to accelerate measurement innovation and big data solutions.

Los Angeles–(Business Wire) -P software and information platform, video amp, today announced that Tony Fagan is the new chief technology officer for the technology. Fagan focuses on videoMP planning, measurement and optimization solutions, acceleration and innovation with supporting data. VideoAmp is one of the key players in the redesign of Fagan for more advanced advertising ecosystem media scalability and optimization. Fagan reports directly to CEO and Founder Ross McArray.

Fangan, who spent 15 years at Google before joining VideoAmp, most recently served as an Advertising Data Science and Engineering Assistant, bringing Fagan’s in-depth technical expertise to the forefront. While on Google, Fagan focused on developing new algorithms and products for advertising planning, targeting, optimization and measurement.

Advertisers are buying video. Due to the combination of online, OTT, streaming and digital video consumption, not necessarily TV or digital video in general. This is a great opportunity for the industry to change its turning point and scale. Working with video amp in industry partners, I have seen first hand the speed and quality of their work and I am sure they are better placed to lead this change.Fagan commented.

In the $ 160B TV ecosystem, Fagan will join Videoamp as it continues to strengthen its solutions to address the roadblocks faced by both advertisers and media owners. VideoM continues to invest heavily in proprietary television viewer data collection and screen measurement capabilities as an alternative currency for advertisers and publishers. Due to the rise of streaming and OTT platforms in recent years, the need for more sophisticated measurement solutions has greatly increased due to the expansion of content viewer options.

People are using the media on devices that did not exist a decade ago. The industry is too late for alternative measurement and currency solutions. With a variety of platforms that can be viewed, new tools make it almost impossible for advertisers to have a general understanding of how their investments are being made by publishers. We want to rediscover this process and open up new values ​​for our customers – advertisers and publishers. We look forward to helping Tony get there. ”

The advances are based on VideoAmp’s proprietary data collection, which is considered the most reliable and high-quality product on the market due to its large-scale and proprietary approach to combining different sources of information. The data set connects ACM and Set-Top Box data to 28M families and integrates them into multiple digital data sources using first-class, private-secure offerings such as pure components. Combined with a comprehensive set of video, information for planning, measuring, optimizing, and visualizing, they are all stored in a video mp platform and provide an integrated view of online, streaming and digital advertising performance. The collection of tools and information allows market and media owners to reconsider the way in which product marketing and media evaluate, buy and sell.

About VideoAmp

VideoAmp is a software and data company that creates a sophisticated information-based advertising environment that explains how to evaluate, buy and sell media.

The VideoAmp platform provides measurement and improvement tools that unite audiences across traditional TV, streaming video and digital media systems. By opening up new values ​​for those who are currently working on their audience, VideoAmp is creating efficiency for the entire industry.

VideoAmp is transforming the industry into a 100-year-old industry with a more efficient three-way value-added platform that allows advertisers to increase their return on investment, increase publishers’ revenue, and improve viewing experience for consumers.

VideoAmp is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. To learn more, visit

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