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Gabe Newwell, the founder and CEO of Valve in the PC gaming market, has expressed his views on crypto and NFTs when it comes to gaming. In an interview with Game Media, Newwell affirmed NFT technology for creating these digital representations. However, actors in the sector have also been implicated in criminal activities.

Valve CEO talks about NFTs, the state of the industry

Gabe Newell, CEO and founder of Valve, one of the largest digital distribution markets in the PC industry, spoke about the NFT event and the people behind it. In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Newwell, he highlighted the difference between NFTs powered technology and the people currently promoting it in the industry.

To confirm the technology behind the NFT, Newwell said:

You need to identify which actors are using the original technology. Just like if you were a chemist and you were looking at nitrocellulose, like ‘Oh, yes, we can do some interesting things there’

However, this seems to contradict some of the comments made by some in the gaming community regarding the use of NFTs, and Steam’s position on games built on these technologies. Some in the industry have responded to the general lack of knowledge about these devices. This is the case with Ubisoft, an executive who said he believed players would not understand the benefits of accepting NFTs.

Newell’s vision for the people in the NFT industry today is very positive. In this regard, Newwell said:

People in space, however, tend to be involved in many criminal activities and many subtle behaviors. So it’s more about the actors than the technology behind it or the rationality of what we do.

Crypto, variability and fraud

Newwell discusses the acceptance of crypto payments for Steam services. It was one of the first to use Bitcoin as a payment method, but in 2017 it was blocked due to increased fees and fluctuations in Bitcoin prices. Newwell raises this issue

Steam used to accept cryptocurrencies for payments. And it turned out to be a very crazy customer. It was a matter of exchange. Flexibility is a bad thing in spare parts.

Valve CEO also concluded that “most” people were involved in “fraudulent transactions” on Steam on “Steam”.

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