Vallejo PD Renews Unmanned Aerial System ‘Technology Group’ – Times – Herald – California News Times

The Valejo Police Department announced on Thursday that the UAS will provide the technical team with efficient equipment to facilitate public safety operations and solve and reduce crime.

The technical team currently has five pilots trained and certified as pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Vallejo Police Department’s UAS program (technical team) began in September 2017 when FAA trained and certified officers were selected to operate the department’s drones.

The USS, commonly known as the Drone, is an aerial device equipped with a computer and video camera technology. The device operates remotely with the pilot using a manual control. Small planes are powered by batteries and have many robots, such as helicopters.

“As our program improves, our priority is to increase transparency and give our community a better understanding of drone technology and public safety benefits, programs and policies. We will continue to be reasonable, ”the statement said. “Expanding the VPD program involves working with community stakeholders, advisory boards, Alcio and other privacy groups to address privacy and public safety concerns.

In public safety and survival missions, UAS operatives have a variety of abilities, including fencing, active shootings, arrest of armed and dangerous emotional suspects, high-risk orders, and interrogation scenes. You can use it. (Deadly car accidents, killings and other aggravated incidents), missing persons, search and rescue operations, accident scenarios, hazards (suspected explosive devices), special events, external public support for organizations, training missions and mutual aid .

The USS Deployment has recently arrested an armed suspect involved in domestic violence. On July 13, police responded to a house-to-house attack on a gunman in the N. Camino Alto 1100 block. When they arrived, the police were advised that the suspect was seen running to a nearby apartment. Police officers managed to fly the plane and stop associated forces near the suspect. The gun was eventually seized and the suspect was taken to Solano County Prison. The aircraft provided bird sightings, enabling police officers to prepare, work more accurately, and apprehend suspects.

This is not the first time VDP has been on the news for drones. Earlier this year, investigators reported that a private jet had crashed into the body of 22-year-old Sean Monte Rosa in Valdeo on Rodeo Road on June 2, 2020, according to reporters. caught up. The city said there was no information that could be returned, but investigations revealed evidence of a 90-minute recording before Monte Rosa was killed. It is not known what happened to the video.

Vallejo PD is renovating the ‘Technology Group’ of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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