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Equipped with a number of patented technologies, Yutong YESS is ready to take EV safety to the next level.

Zenzuzu, China, September 2, 2021 (PRNewswire) – On August 31St, Yutong Electric Battery Safety Regular Conference and Power Battery Safety Test Launch the latest EV bus safety technology, YESS – Yutong Electric & Battery Safety Protection Standards. It will be the world’s first EV safety technology to be implemented as a group on commercial vehicles.

YESS offers 5 levels of protection: Full-Vehicle Safety, System Safety, Box Safety, Physical Safety and Surveillance, Recognizing 3 Major Improvements in Safety Level, All-weather Capacity, and Road Optimization.

Studies show that more than 30% of EV battery failures are caused by external damage. So, instead of protecting the battery, YESS covers the entire vehicle and uses a “cage type” structureE Surround the battery with high strength to prevent such collisions.

In the case of internal failures such as ISC and TR, YESS system security applies to one industryy The first nitrogen protection technology to completely cut off oxygen in the battery box to remove compostn.

YESS box safety ensures multi-layer thermal-electrical bond protection when it comes to identifying external and internal safety hazards.

In extreme cases, such as high voltage, the safety of the body is compromised. It facilitates commercial-vehicle multi-package liquid heating technology to build a heat-free battery box.

YESS is also about real-time monitoring. Provides All-Time, All-Fix Tracking and Mobile Apps to enable intelligent cloud management.

Relying on this technology, Utong conducted a battery safety test during the live stream, placing the YESS equipped battery pack under high temperature and over-testing conditions to ensure its safety and stability.

A.D. In 2008, Utong sold more than 150,000 units worldwide and reached a total operating distance of 24,800,000,000 km. Determined to alleviate EV safety concerns, Utong shifted battery safety with YESS to the next gear: a comprehensive integrated security solution that focuses on the entire vehicle as a complete system.

YYutong is committed to improving technology and updating YESS to ensure the safety, durability and comfort of every ride on the Yutong EV buses.

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