US FDA clears new plasma collection technology for thermo blood and cell technologies.

Rica is committed to responding to the industry’s need for technological advancement and process improvement to improve efficiency and quality by ensuring the safety of donors and adequate plasma supply.

Investing in the source plasma industry is a natural evolution of the Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies portfolio with experience and leadership in Aphrodite Technology. Globally, the company is three times more than the industry average as a creative partner for customers globally.

“Rica is changing the work of the Plasma Collection Center,” he said. Antonet Gavin, President and CEO, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies. “We have created a completely new ecosystem around the donor and plasma center experience. In the core of our innovation is plasma, which is designed to be collected in 35 minutes or less. It can take up to 130 donations a year to treat a patient with stage immunodeficiency.

The new technology focuses on the experience of donor and plasma collection center staff. A collection time of 35 minutes or less, with 200 ml or less outside the donor body, may indicate a more comfortable donation experience. Rica’s advanced control system improves donor safety by monitoring the process and providing operators and alerts that guide the operator. Rica makes automatic adjustments in each process, giving you more seamless operator experience and more time with the donor.

Rica is part of a broader ecosystem that combines plasma collection technology, IT solutions, services and programming support. All of this is expected to support the productivity and efficiency of the center to optimize plasma concentrations and meet the needs of patients based on plasma-based therapies.

“At this critical juncture, we look forward to bringing this new technology to the forefront.

To US Convention Centers, ”said CSL Plasma General Manager. Michelle Meyer. “CSL Plasma’s decision to work with Termo Blood and Cell Technologies is in line with our business objectives to improve the experience of donors and staff and to remain a hub for plasma donation.”

About Thermo Blood and Cell Technologies

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies is a medical technology company. Our products, software and services enable their customers to collect and prepare blood and cells for treatment of challenging diseases and conditions. Our staff around the world believe that blood and cells can do more for patients than they do today. This belief inspires our innovation and strengthens our collaboration with customers.

Clients of Teremo Blood and Cell Technology include blood centers, hospitals, therapeutic afferent clinics, cell collection and processing organizations, researchers and private practice. Our customers are based in more than 130 countries around the world. We have over 750 patents granted, more than 150 pending.

We have a world headquarters. Lakewood, Colo., USA, with five regional headquarters, seven manufacturing facilities and six creative and development centers around the world. Therumo Blood and Cell Technologies Therumo Corporation (TSE: 4543) is a leading global medical provider. Technology.

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