US Army launches 3 sub-rockets, testing hydraulic technologies

The U.S. military this week fired three ground-launched rockets at NASA’s Wollops flight facility in Virginia.

Launch will come later. China Tested. NuclearA powerful hydraulic missile in August.

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The U.S. Navy said in a statement on Wednesday night that the US Navy’s Strategic Systems Program (SSP) and the Army Hypersonic Program Office (AHPO) have successfully launched a high-speed air campaign for the Hypersonics.

The flight was carried out by the Sandia National Laboratories – a contractor for the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Safety Administration (NSA) – and will be used to inform the Navy Convention’s rapid strike (CPS) and the army’s progress. Long Range Hypersonic Equipment (LRHW) Disgusting Hypersonic Strike Ability.

According to the Navy, the experiment demonstrated advanced hydraulic technologies, capabilities and prototyping systems.

In addition, the three precision sounding rocket launchers include CPS, AHPO, the Joint Hypersonic Transition Office, SNL, Johns Hopkins University / Applied Physics Laboratory, MITRE, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and several defense contractors.

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The navy said the tests would “fill the critical gap between ground tests and full-range flight tests” during the construction of the weapons system.

“This test is a milestone in the development of a naval-designed joint hydraulic missile, a joint hydraulic glide body (CHGB) and enrichment, consisting of both naval and naval units with separate systems and designed launchers. Departure from the sea or land. (Dodi) successfully tested the CHGB on March 20. 2020. The Navy and Navy will continue to work closely together to take advantage of joint inspection opportunities, ”he wrote.

The Navy also highlighted that the supply of hydraulic weapons is one of the “top priorities” of the Department of Defense and that the Department, in collaboration with industry, state-of-the-art laboratories and academies, is working on “hydraulic weapons capacity in the first half of 2020.” Hypersonic weapons capable of flying at speeds of more than five times the speed of sound.

NASA writes in its post that NASA’s rocket launch from Wolps is intended for January 2022.

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The administration said the launches were in the Chesapeake Bay region.

According to, more than 16,000 loudspeakers – rocket-propelled grenades and missile-like technology – have been flying from the Wallop Flight facility since its opening in 1945.

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