UNION raises $ 22 million to expand restaurant engagement and POS platform |

Restaurant Technology Solutions UNION raised $ 22 million in the over-the-top series B funding. The money will be used to expand supply to all US metro areas by 2022.

Austin-based technology bars and restaurants are designed to increase revenue, alleviate staff shortages, serve more customers safely and quickly, and create a more personalized customer experience. In addition to leading investor Clarity, UNION’s Series B investors include new investors such as Root Capital and Aquila Capital Partners and former investors NEA, Wellington, Fisher and former CEO of World Pay Tony Catalfano.

UNION’s “industry’s most powerful and reliable POS system” combined with a mobile payment solution and customer information capability, according to the company “to provide a customized experience that allows every customer to be treated as a VIP. When customers receive highly customized product recommendations, they can order, order, give and receive tips on their mobile phones.

A.D. UNION, which started in 2010 with $ 500,000 in funding, has a current census of about 75 employees. As the company expands its operations, it plans to add 50 more with the new funding.

According to the company’s press release, more than 600,000 consumers used the UNION forum last year and the company trades more than $ 1 billion a year. The company, which operates in 34 states across the United States, has triple-booked and payment-free technology for each customer, making the restaurant or bar open for business.

UNION says it has increased the revenue of restaurants and bars by up to 30 percent, improving customer experience and reducing waiting times by 80 percent. “The diversity of our platform is based on the financial capabilities of the investors we have drawn into Series B. We know that the survival of most restaurants and bars depends on the adoption of technology. It integrates the point of sale with consumers,” said Alex Brocker, founder and CEO, UNION. , In a press release.

Prior to joining UNION, Brocker spent ten years as a resident and general partner at Trallies Partners First Venture Capital.

“The good news is that today consumers are more comfortable with digital ordering,” he said. “The inconvenience is waiting to sit, waiting to order and waiting for their check. UNION allows consumers to take full control of their experience from their smartphones, from ordering them to unattended orders to paying bills when they are ready to leave. And because the system is fully integrated, we can create more personalized discounts based on the customer’s individual food and beverage preferences to drive loyalty and repeat business.

UNION is the only cloud-based software system designed by food and beverage professionals, specifically for the special needs of large bars and restaurants. “Many POS systems, from instant service to coffee shops, are designed for a variety of hospitality businesses, and may not see the same size as UNION. If the system is open for one or a thousand checks, it will run very quickly, reducing costly time and system failure.

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