Approximately 60 pre-12 teachers, higher education teachers and other professionals will participate in the three-day virtual conference August 35 Supported by the University of Maine Teaching Technology Program.

The 2021 Summer Technology Institute Provides speakers, workshops, crafts, networking opportunities, and more.

This year’s conference has two quorums of Ross Cooper and Lisa Johnson in the field of educational technology. Cooper is a New York-based school administrator and author of several articles and books, including the recently released “Project-Based Learning-Real Questions.” True Answers How to Solve PBL and Filter. Johnson, better known as “Tech Chef,” is an innovative producer: the skills needed to deal with adults, clean up the clutter and succeed in school – and life! ”

The Summer Technology Institute is part of a three-credit course offered through the Educational Technology Graduation Program. Participants will also be able to attend professional development, receive 25 contact hours or 2.5 follow-up classes (CEUs). This is the 23rd year that UMaine has given Summer Technology Institute to teachers as part of a collaborative program in learning technology.

The Teaching Technology Program is a partnership with faculty members at Mese University, the University of Farmington Maine and the University of Maine, as well as all three campuses. Classes are offered remotely via UMaineOnline. The program includes a master’s degree, an education specialist degree and four postgraduate certificates: Classroom Technology Integration Expert, Mathematics for Teachers, Educational Design and Library and Media Professional

More information about the programs is available Online.