Typhoon to demonstrate now in RSPA retail of labor force management technology

Nashville, Tenn, July 23, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Typhoon will be showcasing the latest state-of-the-art labor management technology by announcing the 2021 RSPA Retail Retail Trade Show Sponsorship, a leading provider of sales-driven employee program software and integrated labor management solutions.

Hosted by the RSPA, Retail IT Channel Retail No. 1 will be considered a trade fair, educational conference and networking event. This year Retail NOW is expected to have 2,000+ participants and 160+ exhibition floor exhibitions at Gayler O’Brien. Nashville, TN, Preparation for 3 days.

Given the ongoing shortage of workers, retailers said it was more important than ever to retain workers and use their energy efficiently. Audrey Hogan, SHRM-SCP, Chief Operating Officer of TimeForge. That’s why we are incredibly excited to showcase our employees’ management tools at retail NOW this year. We showcase our latest technology, a full-service self-service kiosk designed to help engage and retain staff. Our technology also aims to show retailers some ways to help their employees get involved while reducing labor costs.

Timefor will be showcasing the latest retail energy management technology, including your retail-enhanced timepiece and staffing equipment, on boot # 630 next to Bloster. Attendees and other exhibitions are welcome to stop by to discuss with a typhoon expert or visit the Typhoon website at https://timeforge.com.

Timforge empowers all retail businesses to be more profitable in a centralized approach to labor management. It covers the entire life cycle of the employee, from hiring and boarding to planning and timing. TimeFor allows free mobile application managers to communicate and control the business from anywhere. The applications also allow employees to enjoy the features they expect, including the ability to change their locks, leave questions and check their time cards and schedules from a smartphone.

At Retail NOW, we are thrilled to be able to show off alongside many creative industry leaders Audrey Hogan. Time Forger is proud to be a member of RSPA, and we look forward to serving partners such as CBS NorthStar, Flyght, ParTech Inc, North Country Business Products and RDS, who will be participating in this year’s event.

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