Twitter’s mobile advertising segment is set to sell Mopob for $ 1 billion

The microblog platform wants to focus more on advertising on its own app and website, according to Twitter.

MoPub, which generated about $ 188 million (approximately 1,400 kroner) for Twitter last year, allows companies to track ads similar to Google DoubleClick.

Twitter’s chief financial officer, Ned Segal, said:

Twitter said on Wednesday that it will focus on accelerating the development of new products and features to double its revenue by 2023 to $ 7.5 billion (approximately 56,090 kroner).

The MoPub Agreement empowers iPhone phones and iPads to make it easier for digital advertisers to track users on Apple’s mobile devices, including social media platforms and mobile game developers, which will be rolled out in the coming months.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said on Wednesday that the sale will allow Twitter to invest in “long-term growth.”

The social media company bought MoPub in 2013 for around $ 350 million (approximately 2,620 kroner).

Twitter has signed a series of deals with private technology companies this year, including a podcast app breaker and an email newsletter review to achieve its 2023 revenue target.

The sale of Aplovin was unanimously approved by the Twitter board.

Launched in April, AppLovin is a mobile gaming company that includes more than 200 free-to-play mobile games such as Word Connect, Slap Kings and Bingo Story.

Shares of the company increased by $ 84 (approximately 6,280 rubles) by 9 percent, while Twitter increased by 2 percent to $ 62.57 (approximately 4,680 rubles).

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