Twitter now offers a key to global voice reduction

Twitter Improvement Closing: The voice support button previously available to a select group of users is expanding to a global audience.

Twitter now offers the key to reducing global noise.


  • Twitter is expanding its low-noise features to a global audience.
  • The feature will soon be available for both iOS and Android users.
  • Twitter has proven to hide low voice counts.

Did you see a new support vote on Twitter, will it be orange when you click it? Well, you are not alone. Twitter has begun releasing low-noise features globally, so it should now be visible to everyone.

The feature, which was previously available to a select group of users, is expanding to an international audience. The company says that so far this test feature has received positive feedback and has helped people understand the content they want to see on this platform. Twitter began testing low noise with web users in 2021 and the microblog site now plans to release the same for iOS and Android users.

Initially, Twitter showed different versions of the download. Provides both support and low volume buttons to determine which content is most preferred by users. Some testers also show thumb and forefinger keys.

Experiments show that most people use the support button when they find a Twitter message offensive or inappropriate. “This experiment shows that the most frequently used signal to indicate content that people do not want to see is noise,” he said on Twitter.

But Twitter has proven to be less vocal on tweets and uses the information to improve user experience. YouTube has also recently taken a similar initiative and started hiding public dislike counts on videos on the page to prevent attacks or harassment by small creators. The company says it encourages “respectful interaction between viewers and creators.”

The Twitter reduction button says it “improves chat quality on Twitter”, which is why it is expanding into a wider audience. This indicates that the social media giant may eventually present this to users as a permanent feature.

Other popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, do not give the key to liking or rejecting them. The forum gives you the option to Like Like and Hide Comments. Facebook tested low noise behavior in 2018, but the company did not make it sustainable. Reddit users have the option of supporting or opposing any content on the platform.

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