Twitter – How to delete comments and re-tweets

Twitter offers many options to give you more control over your tweets. The company does not offer you a specific option to delete comments, but there is an easy way to do so. There are also ways to hide comments if you think a particular response may be a little warmer. We also mentioned how to delete the following retweets.

Twitter – How to delete comments?

Step 1 – When removing any Twitter account, you will see an option that says, “Everyone can respond.” You just need to tap it. This option lets Twitter know where everyone can respond to your Twitter.

Step 2 – Twitter then displays three options, including “Everyone”, “People You Follow”, “Only People You Mention”. They express themselves and do the same thing as they say.

Step 3: Select one of these options and then all is ready.

Note: If you want to select only people to respond to your comments, you must choose the third option – “Only the people you mentioned”. Therefore, no one else can comment on your post. If you do not want anyone to reply, you can sign up for a friend who you know will not respond easily. Once you do this, no one will be able to respond to your Twitter.

See how you can delete comments on Twitter. (Express image / Ankita Garg)

How to hide comments on Twitter

Twitter gives you the option of hiding answers for your tweets and no one can see them. In addition, the Twitter author can hide the answer at any time. When the micro blog site hides the Twitter author’s comment, the author’s response is not disclosed.

Step 1: In response to one of your tweets, you simply need to tap the three-dot icon.

Step 2 Hide Now you need to select and verify the answer.

Note: If you want to see your hidden responses, then you need to click or tap on the hidden response icon at the bottom right of the main Twitter. The author of the tweets can hide the responses through the hidden response icon on the original Twitter where there are hidden responses.

How to delete tweets again on Twitter?

Allows you to turn off retweets for a different account if you don’t like what Twitter is sharing. If you want to disable tweets for any particular account, follow the steps below.

# All you have to do is go to the Account Profile page and tap the three-dot icon.

Then Twitter Select #Select Retweets to stop viewing tweets. (IOS users can tap on the gear icon and web and Android users can tap on the overflow icon).

Note: The company says, “Turning on or off Retweets is not a bad thing,” so you can’t remove repetitive tweets already in your timeline.


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