Twitter expands subscription service to news outlets.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it will provide users of the Washington Post, Reuters, Boothfield and other publications with a subscription service called Twitter Blue.

The donation is part of Twitter’s push for new sources of revenue. In January, the company acquired Revue, a service that allows people to create newspapers, and claims to receive small percentage subscriptions from news publishers. And in May, he bought the Twitter subscription company Scroll, which created an ad-free reading service for publishers.

The company in June Twitter Blue announced And plans to charge users a small fee as an additional feature to organize bookmarks and undo tweets. On Tuesday, Twitter said it would require users to pay $ 3 a month for those features, as well as free advertising.

“Following our commitment to strengthen and support publishers and free press, some of the revenue from Twitter Blue subscription fees goes directly to publishers on our network,” said two project project managers, Sara Beykpour and Smita Gupta. Blog post. “Our goal is to help each publisher do 50 percent more per person than to advertise for that person.”

Twitter says it will update Nuel-related features, warning users of articles widely circulated on Twitter. Twitter shut down Nuclear when it took Scroll, prompting complaints from users who said the service had been cut off from their crowded social media feeds.

He said the company will provide new subscribers with new features, enable them to test products and provide feedback. Twitter Blue is available in the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, according to Twitter.

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