Twitter allows Paytm option for entrepreneurs in India

Paytm is increasingly being used as a payment gateway on Twitter, which allows Twitter creators to generate revenue for their Twitter accounts by receiving financial advice from followers and other users. The Tip feature is available to all users over the age of 18 in India, even if they use an Android or iOS device, the company said.

Users can now use UPI, credit card and debit cards, net banking, wallet, etc. through various payment methods based on the Paytm interface to support individuals and organizations on Twitter.

Twitter released the Tip Jer feature in May last year before releasing it to all iOS users over the age of 18 in September. The feature was added to Android devices in November of that year.

So far, Indian entrepreneurs can share their Bitcoin or Ethereum address, Patreon or Razorpay links in their tips section. The addition of the Paytm portal expands the user base, making it easier for the platform creators to enjoy.

How can creators enable Paytm Recommendations?

To change the Paytm Suggestion feature, creators must go to their profile on the Twitter app and click the “Edit Profile” button.

Once you click this, you will be taken to a section where you can edit your profile. When you scroll down, you will see an option for “Off” to “Off” if you have not used it before.

If this option is not available to you, be sure to include your birthday in your profile. Twitter restricts this feature to users under the age of 18 and therefore will not appear on your profile unless you enter your age.

Once you click on “Tips”, you will be taken to another screen with a missing switch that will allow you to start and stop receiving tips on your account.

Below, there will be a few text fields related to different payment methods, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Patreon, Paytm and Razorpay.

Click on the Paytm field, enter your details and complete linking your wallet to your account. Once the creator has enabled the feature, Twitter will add an icon next to your profile which will have a Paytm link that allows users to use the Paytm interface on their devices.


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