Twilio’s veteran Jessica Pop Ada joins as chief technology officer

Prior to joining Pop Adan, she led the company to the Communications Center Forum, where she worked as an engineering vice president for cloud computing. She joined Twilio when she met SendGrid, who leads the client’s life cycle application teams. With more than 25 years of software experience in Ada’s new role, Pop’s experience in application research and development in a variety of consumer and scientific computing environments makes Adam the ideal person to take the lead in key technical decisions. Expansion and success.

“Apart from the value that Ada technology provides to its customers, I have an incredible vision of growth,” says Pop. “It is clear that Ada is paving the way for future customer experience. I look forward to combining my years of experience by building special technical teams to speed up the process.

The executive branch of the Ada has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors to support the new growth. An industry veteran with years of corporate leadership, MB has worked closely with Ada’s management team on marketing, sales and marketing strategies. recently Included In the best position in the 2021 workplace, leadership differences are the primary focus for Ada, who relies on an executive team of 70% women and / or various leaders. Canadian Only 10% of women in the executive role are leaders. This reflects Ada’s three pillars – invite different voices to the table, make sure different voices influence decision-making, and support different voices in the tech community.

We welcome Jessica to our leadership team, ”he said Mike Merchison, Ada Co-Founder and CEO. Her characteristics represent everything we need to guide our technical direction and strategy. We have high goals for Ada next year and we want to do our best to help drive them. We have no doubt that Jessica’s contributions will play a role. A key role in making those goals a reality.

Based on Toronto, Ada makes it easy for brands to automate their customer interactions with AI. Over the past 12 months, the company has automated more than 1.5 billion brand interactions with customers such as Agula, Facebook and Square. These automated interactions are generating hundreds of millions of dollars in business value. By exposing new opportunities for revenue, Ada Automation Response is designed to transform CX models into efficient, personalized for-profit producers.

Significant growth has pushed Aden to the status of Unicon, most recently a 130 m Series C round by a 1.2 b A review that makes the company as one Canadian The biggest software companies. Ada ranks 15th on Deloitte Technology’s 15th fastest, 15th fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life science and energy technology companies. North America. In addition, Ada is in the third year of Globe and Mail Canadian Top growth companies, as well LinkedIn’s best start in Kannada, Companies established during the riots continue to attract annual ratings, investment, staff and attention.

With continued business activity, the company plans to invest heavily in engineering, sales and marketing Kannada And around the world.

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About Ada
As a market leader in automated brand interactions, ADA is the sole purpose of a discussion AI platform built to support a measurable, automated first-customer experience strategy.

By exposing new opportunities for revenue, Ada Automation Response is designed to transform CX models into efficient, personalized for-profit producers. Global company, Ada Automation and AI enable customers around the world such as Facebook, Air Asia and Zoom to add useful connections throughout the customer journey and succeed CX professionals.

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