Turkish technology publisher Webrazi acquires Tech.eu by integrating technology news across Europe

Verazizi, Turkey’s leading technology startup, has acquired Tech.eu, Europe’s longest-running startup. The Webbasi and TechE Compilation Unit provides combined editors, information, and research forums that provide news and market knowledge. The terms of the agreement are not specified.

A.D. It was launched in 2006 Arda Kusal, Verazizi reaches 1.25 million readers a month (15 million a year) and is now expanding its reach into European and English.

Tech.eu Launched in 2013 by former TechCrunch author Robin Waters, Has become one of Europe’s leading technology startups and innovative news outlets, but faces competition from other European-based broadcasters such as EU startups, Silicon Canals and the Financial Times. . (TechCrunch European coverage launched in 2006).

Investors include 500 startups, Adeo Rousseau, Rocknan Varza, Daniel Water House and Carlos Eduardo Spain.

Waters explained that part of the sales initiative came from its desire to have its own stack of technology, custom CMS, integrated software to manage native advertising campaigns and a web-based event platform.

Arda Kusal, founder and CEO of Werazzi, said: “We are pleased to be expanding into Europe as we have acquired Tech.eu, the best source of technology news and market information for many years. We are amazed at the team’s achievements so far, as well as its strong plans for the future, and we cannot wait to work together to turn those into reality.

Robin Waters, founder and managing director of Tech.eu, said: “I appreciate Arda and his team for a long time, and Tech. I am happy to bring the knowledge and experience we have gained by building Yun. See how large and extensive we take the team to the Webzas family and then our combined editorial platforms. European technological ecosystems are growing at an astonishing rate, and we cannot continue to cover and analyze their future under the shadow of Werzizi. I look forward to working harder and having a good time! ”

He added: “We don’t really want anyone to sell, but we met Arda in 2014 when he wanted to invest in our seed. That didn’t happen, but we met and talked about business, and, as they say, something went wrong. ”

“We didn’t have a big sales team so it was always very difficult to compete. What they bring to the table is, of course, a group of 25 people we immediately enter, so that was music in my ear because not only in the media but also on the side of information and events. This acquisition is an additional ability to accelerate what we want to do.

Has the European media found it competitive?

“I think the race is normal. If you look at the way the European technology ecosystem has grown and developed, then there are many publications. I think we are ahead, maybe a little earlier. But we did it within the first few years of relatively little. But now a single publication is no longer fair, so it is common to have multiple publications, ”he said.

I asked his investors to push him out: “We grew up about seven years ago, so we are not always in touch with our investors in the same way that VC is with their portfolio companies. At first, it was like a group of angels supporting us. He did not really want to sell because he did not want to sell. Not even myself. “

On one call, Kusall said: “It’s exciting. We have been working on this for the past eight or nine months and the epidemic has made this difficult, but we have been able to sign everything. I always wanted to expand into different regions of Europe and by the end of 2020 I would have called Robin.

He said technology was a key factor in the agreement: “We have a lot of technologies. We have our own CMS content management system, online event platform, our own native advertising solutions and everything. I once realized that Robin had a good team, but he didn’t have his own technology, so that was a big factor in the deal.

He said the coalition now plans to expand further in Europe, perhaps in Russia and the MENA region.

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