TuneIn and iHeartMedia partner on Strategic Technology and Content Distribution Agreement

new York–(Business Wire) – TuneIn, the world’s leading live streaming service, and iHeartMedia, the largest audio company in the United States and the number 1 podcast publisher, today announced a partnership with Tunisia to broadcast iHeartMedia’s more than 850 leading digital channels. TuneIn, as well as nationwide, has access to local advertising needs from iHeartMedia’s unique revenue-generating assets, including a huge sales force of nearly 2,000 sellers in every major market, and Triton’s digital best-of-breed advertising technology.

IHeart has chosen TuneIn to launch more than 850 leading radio stations in the United States, including stations such as New York Z100 and POWER 105.1, Los Angeles KISS FM and KFAM, to expand iHeartMedia’s distribution strategy wherever they may be. And the Nashville Big 98 WSIX. These sites will be available digitally on TuneIn mobile apps and websites from today.

As part of this partnership, TuneIn uses iHeart’s advanced local sales force, as well as the TPT Digital (recently acquired by iHeartMedia), the industry-leading audio supply side platform (SSP) that enables both direct sales through program sales. TuneIn’s sales force provides access to audio printers’ access to the TuneIn 200+ Consumer Platform touch points, accessing and targeting even more brand names.

“TuneIn and iHeart’s partnership is a milestone in content and technology-enabled sound advertising technology that supports the cutting edge of the Triton and the support of voice and podcast businesses, both directly and through program sales. In Triton SSP , Local advertisers will now be able to reach more iHeart and TuneIn audiences through live and program sales. ” Chief Data Officer and President of iHeartMedia Revenue Strategies. “We are thrilled to be able to share our content and programming with the Tunisian Open Radio Forum for more streaming radio fans. Triton Audio Ad Tech offers a wide range of audio advertising targeted to audience platforms – the web, mobile apps, smart speakers and other distribution platforms such as TuneIn.

“The relationship with iHeart demonstrates the power of the TuneIn Open Forum to consolidate our partners’ content, distribution and revenue-generating assets to share new and previously unknown assets,” said TuneIn’s Chief Revenue Officer. As we continue our mission to delight listeners and rekindle our connected world radio, we are incredibly happy to be working with iHeartMedia and Triton.

About iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia, Inc. It is number one in both broadcast and digital streaming radio as well as podcasting and audio advertising technology, and includes three business units – iHeartMedia Multiplatform Group; IHeartMedia Digital Audio Group; And the Audio and Media Services Team. Visit iHeartMedia.com for more company information.

About TuneIn

TuneIn, the world’s leading live streaming service, brings together sports, news, music, podcasts and radio from around the world. With more than 80 million monthly active users, Tunisia is one of the most widely used streaming platforms in the world. TuneIn broadcasts more than 100,000 owned and operated and partner radio stations, and boasts more than 5.7 million podcasts. With premiere streaming on 200 platforms and connected devices, TuneIn encourages listeners to ‘listen’ to their favorite ‘here’. TuneIn Premium subscribers have access to free news from commercials such as CNN, Fox News Radio, MSNBC, Cincinnati and Bloomberg Media, as well as commercially available music channels for every mood and activity. For more information, please visit us at www.tunein.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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